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     (4 weeks ago)   

    eBay is offering 360-Day Red Pocket No-Contract Prepaid Wireless Plans Sim Kit for the best deal.

    This is a very cheap plan for anyone that barely uses their phone

    * 200 minutes talk time

    * 1000 texts

    * 200MB or 500MB or 1GB or 3GB or 8GB or 20GB 4G LTE Data

    * Runs on the GSMA (AT&T) or CDMAS (Sprint) networks via Red Pocket

    * You can enter your ESN here to see if your phone will work

    Plan Options

    200MB Plan for $30 - $2.5/month

    500MB Plan for $60 - $5/month

    1GB Plan for $99 - $8.25/month

    3GB Plan for $180 - $15/month

    8GB Plan for $240 - $20/month

    20GB Plan for $360 - $30/month

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     (2 weeks ago)   

    Red Pocket Mobile offers New Lines: *$50 Off* all *GSMA Annual Prepaid Plans* when you apply coupon code MOMSDAY50 at checkout. *Shipping is free* for your SIM Card Kit. Thanks to community member...

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     (2 weeks ago)   

    RedPocketStore via eBay has *360-Day Red Pocket No-Contract Prepaid Wireless Plan* (8GB 5G LTE) on sale for *$210* (equivalent to $17.50/month). *Shipping is free*. Thanks to Community Member...

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     (2 weeks ago)   

    $17.50/Mo Red Pocket Prepaid Phone Plan+Kit

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     (13 hours ago)   

    Father's Day Classic Vintage Pocket Watch

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     (1 week ago)   

    Red Pocket Mobile offers New & Existing Customers: *$50 Off* all *GSMA Annual Prepaid Plans* when you apply coupon code MOMSDAY50 at checkout. *Shipping is free* for your SIM Card Kit. Thanks to...

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     (4 weeks ago) [] has NIU KQi3 Pro Electric Kick Scooter for Adults + 360 Degree Cell Phone Clip + Helmet with LED Light for $667.41. Free Shipping Save 25% when you purchase the bundle. Scroll...

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     (17 hours ago)   

    eBay with Harman Audio has the AKG Y500 Wireless Headphones (Black) for $30?with free shipping. Features?Ambient Aware technology for listening to music while being aware of your surrounding.

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     (1 week ago)   

    Harman via eBay has *JBL UA Flash X Waterproof True Wireless Bluetooth Sport Earbuds* (Black, UAJBLFLASHXBLKAM) on sale for *$39.99*. *Shipping is free*. Thanks Community Member *biggyistheman*...

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     (4 weeks ago)   

    eBay Mercari Poshmark ThredUp OfferUp Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are great tools to sell your items you no longer use. Clean out your house and earn some cash to spend this weekend!

    Step 1
    Get everything out in your house / closet / garage / storage that you haven't seen in a while

    Step 2
    Separate into piles of "Keep" or "Throw away" or "Sell"

    Step 3
    For the "Sell" items, you have the following choices

    Mercari (mobile) - 12.9% selling fee
    * Very easy to list

    eBay - 12.9% selling fee
    * The biggest audience. Great for anything that can be shipped.

    Poshmark - 20% selling fee
    * If you have expensive brand name apparel Poshmark is the way to go

    Depop - 12.9% selling fee
    * Great if you have to sell Gen Z material
    * Mainly apparel
    * Generally younger crowd so customers tend to low ball and beg

    Facebook Marketplace - 5% fee
    * Popular items like electronics seem to sell well on here
    * Very easy to use

    ThredUp - Easiest way to get rid of apparel but horrible returns
    * Only works for "Like-New" or new apparels
    * You just throw everything in a bag and they will sell everything for you!
    * If you don't have time, this is the best solution, but they may sell it at a very low price compared to what you could have sold it for.

    OfferUp (mobile) or Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace - 0% fees
    * Get rid of bigger items here. Since you are meeting people in person, there are no fees or shipping fees.
    * Great to get rid of heavier or bigger items

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     (4 weeks ago)   

    Visible is offering their Apple iPhone SE (3rd Gen; 2022) + Apple AirPods 3 + $200 Visible Gift Card on sale for $429. This requires you to Transfer Your Number.

    This is a super hot deal!

    * Must be a new Visible member

    * Activate Visible Service

    * Transfer a number to your phone

    * Pay for 3 month and phone will be unlocked

    * YOU GET A FREE Airpods 3 + $200 Gift Card!

    Step 1
    You need a number to port-in.
    Will your number qualify for port-in - List of Qualifying Carriers

    If you do not have a number to port, Go to eBay and buy a phone number to port for $11.95

    Step 2
    Go to Visible

    Step 3
    Choose one of the following
    * 64GB $429
    * 128GB $479
    * 256GB $579

    Step 4
    Transfer your number within 14 days and complete 3-months of full service payments

    Step 5
    UNLOCK - Smartphones purchased through Visible will be locked for 60 days after activation. Once the 60 day period follow device activation expires, your phone will be unlocked

    The Math Total
    - $11.99 - Buy a Boost Mobile Phone Number on eBay
    - $429 - Buy the iPhone SE
    - $120 - 3 months of Visible Plan
    + $15 - $15 off your first month service
    + $200 - $200 Gift Card to spend anywhere
    + $150 - Apple Airpods 3 value

    $195.99 - That's how much you are paying for an unlocked Apple iPhone SE

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     (4 weeks ago)   

    eBay with JBL has the Under Armour True Wireless Flash X Earbuds (UAJBLFLASHXBLKAM) on sale for $40A with free shipping.A Engineered by JBL,A up to 5 hours per charge (25 hours total with charging case).

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     (1 week ago)   

    bigdeals via eBay [] has *Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 True Wireless *Waterproof *Earbuds* *(Open Box) *for *$29.99*. *Shipping is free*

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     (3 weeks ago)   

    Anker Outlet Official Store via eBay [] has *eufy Security SoloCam E40 2K Wireless Outdoor Camera* for $54.29 plus free shipping. Note, must be sold/shipped by eBay Anker Official Store....

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