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    Meet HandsOffMyDinosaur!

    (And then get your HANDS ON some of his fantastic designs!)

    Handsoffmydinosaur! (artist formerly known around Woot! as a oeTeoZa ), is a super talented shirt artist from Greece. Hea s been submitting designs to Woot! since waaay back in 2011, and his distinct art style and light-hearted humor have helped him build a fan following among Wooters of all stripes, and across the interwebz.

    We sat down with Mr. Dinosaur (figurativelya a trip to Greece just wasna t in our travel budget) to learn a little more about him. So pull up a desk chair and read long! And dona t forget to swing by our super rad Handsoffmydinosaur spotlight sale to grab a few of your favorite designs!

    2- Sketchbook900 660 312 KB

    Whata s your background? Like, did you always want to cover peoplea s chest-areas with your art?

    I wore a lot of funny, silly t-shirts as a kid. Then I realized I could make my own and that was it, I never looked back.

    What is your favorite medium? Mine is a medium diet root beer from Jack-in-the-Box, in case you were wondering.

    As a European I have no idea what any of those things are but thank you for sharing. In any case, my favorite medium is the trusty old pencil and paper.

    Have you trained at all in art? Or are you more of a Good Will Hunting-esque genius who just picked up a paintbrush and was off to the races?

    Ia ve doodled and carried sketchbooks around ever since I was a kid, but apart from taking a couple of art classes here and there, I never had any academic training. Ita s mostly been trial and error and YouTube tutorials.

    Do you make any other art? How about singing, can you sing? Would you please sing for us Andrea Bocellia s "Con te partir a ? Do you need a pitch pipe to get started?

    Ia m afraid I cana t sing. I enjoy sculpting and working with clay though. Ia m terrible at it but ita s good fun! Singing makes me feel physically uncomfortable. I even struggle with the happy birthday song. But Ia m sure I can find an Andrea Bocelli Greatest Hits CD in some old box in the attic if you really insist.

    Who are your biggest art influences? What are your favorite pop-culture influences?

    My biggest influences were mainly cartoonists. My favorites include Herg (The Adventures of Tintin), Uderzo (Asterix & Obelix) and Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes).

    Is art your main gig? Do you have a secret identity as a real estate agent or anything?

    Art is my main gig but I also work part time as a tennis coach.

    Do you have any advice for great new artists who are seeking to sell their work?

    Ia d say to be patient, productive, and to put their work out there as much as possible!

    Do you have any advice for awful new artists who are seeking to sell their work? I mean, like really awful. Like if Jackson Pollack got eye-drops and tried to paint a landscape.

    Ha! Trick question! Since art is mostly subjective is there really such a thing as an awful artist?

    Do you think Leo DiCaprio will ever find true love?

    Another trick question! He found it a long time ago, aboard the Titanic.

    What do you do when not making art? Like, do you have any free time? Would you like to go to a Jim Carrey movie marathon with us on Saturday at 7:00? *(Bear in mind we already bought your ticketa )

    I enjoy playing board games, reading crime novels and watching UFO documentaries. I also go running sometimes but a marathon on the couch sounds way more fun. Ia m in!

    Do you want your art to have any sort of message, or a feeling you want your fans to have?

    What I hope for when making art is that it puts a smile on peoplesa faces, or a subtle grin, Ia ll take what I can get!

    Alright. Last question. Why is Caddyshack so good, yet paradoxically Caddyshack II is SO bad?

    Two words. Bill Murray. Hea s like salt on food. Add him in anything and it instantly makes it better!

    Well thanks, Handsoffmydinosaur. We feel the same way about you! Click here to meander through his spotlight sale and grab a few of your favorite designs!

    And if you need a little more dinosaur in your life, yo can also follow him on Instagram and Facebook!

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