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    A bundle that includes Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan and Microsoft 365 Personal for $140 for 1 year.

    The Adobe plan includes Photoshop, Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Adobe Spark software for PC and Mac. Also includes 20GB cloud storage, for easily sharing files between desktop and mobile devices.

    Microsoft 365 includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for PC, Mac, Apple devices, and Android devices.

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    Anker Astro E1 Compact Portable Battery Pack for $27, and code 93XRN94 applies $10 off. Ships directly from Anker, and may take 9 days to deliver.

    Normally $30.

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    Deals on the list include: Samsung 980 M.2 500GB Gen 3 SSD for $55.25 with code EMCEYSB59 (11?/GB). Normally about $65. Samsung 980 M.2 1TB Gen 3 SSD for $93.50 with code EMCEYSB59 (9.4?/GB). Normally about $110. Samsung 980 Pro M.2 500GB Gen 4 SSD for $102 with code EMCEYSB59 (20?/GB). Normally about $120. Samsung 870 QVO-Series 8TB 2.5" Serial-ATA SSD for $595 with code EMCEYSB59 (7.4?/GB). Normally about $700. The 1TB Gen 3 SSD is a great value for any M.2-compatible desktop or laptop that you want fast boot and speedy load times.

    The 980 Pro is a Gen 4 SSD, which can provide a performance improvement if your computer supports this new spec. Samsung also uses SLC caching on this drive, which provides snappier performance bursts taking advantage of the faster Gen 4 interface.

    The 8TB 2.5" SSD is an expensive but small & silent alternative to a 3.5" 8TB hard drive. It's Serial-ATA interface and QLC cells provide slower performance than the M.2 drives of about 100-250 megabytes per second, so it's about the same speed as an 8TB hard drive. We feel this SSD is meant for long-term data storage rather than a boot drive.

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    BitDefender Internet Security 3-PC License for 2 Years for $30. Normal price is about $40 per year ($80 for 2 years). It includes everything within BitDefender AntiVirus plus a built-in firewall, webcam protection, sensitive file encryption, and parental controls (compare the two).

    We like BitDefender because it provides good protection, does not slow a PC down, and has renewal prices cheaper than other similar anti-virus software.

    They also have a Mac version of BitDefender AntiVirus (2-Year, 3 computer license) for $30.

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    Western Digital SN750 M.2 2280 500GB Gen3 SSD for $80, and code 93XRM72 applies $15 off. Normally sells for $73.

    This is a Gen3 model. New laptops and desktop motherboards can handle faster Gen4 SSDs.

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    Pay $50 to get a $50 Gift Card, and Newegg will automatically add a $15 Adidas Promotional Gift Card to your order. The $15 Promotional gift expires October 31, and the $50 gift card never expires until fully used.

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    This desk looks identical to ones that sell for $45.

    Also, a similar desk is available today for $28 (click coupon in the middle of their page).

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    Polycom (formerly Obihai) OBi202 2-Line Voice-over-IP Telephone Adapter for $60 with coupon 93XRK97?. Normally sells for about $80.

    This two-line version can handle incoming and outgoing calls for two separate phones and numbers. It is meant for a small business that may want to receive calls on one phone and make calls on another.

    Google Voice gives a free phone numbers, free home phone service, unlimited calling within the US and Canada, text messaging, and voicemail with transcribe.

    As an alternative to using this box with a cordless phone, you download the Google Voice app on any Apple or Android smart phone. The app can do incoming and outgoing phone calls over wifi, without paying for mobile service.

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    Avast Ultimate Suite includes antivirus, anti-ransomware, and spyware protection plus VPN service for $35, and code 93XRJ93 applies $15 off. Meant to protect Windows, but also says Mac, Android, and iOS protection is included.

    Software and VPN expires in one year. Renewal is expensive, at $50 and up to continue using the software after the first year.

    As an alternative, BitDefender Antivirus is available for Windows for $12 for the first year (no VPN), or $40 for 2 years (includes VPN). Their renewal prices are more reasonable at $20 to $40 per year.

    Antivirus software receives constant updates from the latest threats, which is how they justify charging recurring fees.

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    Buy a $25 Domino's Pizza Gift Card for $25, and a bonus $5 gift card will be sent to you. You can email the $25 gift card to anyone, including yourself.

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    The Western Digital Black 5TB P10 Game Drive doesn't get much cheaper than today's deal of $96 (apply code 93XRJ29 to get the price).

    This highly rated 5TB portable drive was available at Amazon for $92 last month, and can usually be found for between $100 and $120. A portable hard drive is handy for game console systems that need big storage, and for backing-up personal photos, videos, and documents.

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