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    iSpring 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter shows up as $176.34 after added to the cart.

    A reverse-osmosis water filter is one of the best ways to get clean drinking (and cooking) water in the home. This model not only removes all the bad stuff from water which treatment plants have trouble removing (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals, etc), it also has a remineralizer which adds healthy minerals back into the water.

    A plumber is required to install, and an extra hole in the countertop is needed for the included faucet to fit into.

    Note that this (and all reverse-osmosis systems) need replacement filters every so often, so remember to factor the cost of replacement filters. They currently sell a one year supply of the 6-stage filter replacements for $57.

    Expect a plumber to charge anywhere from $200 to $500 to install, and a countertop store may be able to drill a hole in countertops for $75 to $200 (or do it yourself).

    Also, beware that reverse osmosis wastes water, and can increase your water usage costs. Reverse osmosis wastes about 4 gallons of water per gallon made.

    We have a reverse-osmosis (Aquasana) in our kitchen. We believe it was a good investment in our health, as there is a rise in contamination of water sources from chemical dumping, drilling, and climate change.

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