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    Not a deal, but a tip for people working from home.

    With so many people video calling/conferencing from home, having fast Internet throughout the home is more important than ever.

    If your wifi signal is weak because it's too far from the router, ethernet wires are the best way to get reliable Internet.

    Some modern homes/apartments have ethernet (Cat-5e and Cat-6) jacks in rooms, but what about older homes with just coax jacks?

    If your home has coax cable jacks that are unused, you can get a pair of coax to Ethernet adapters for $155 and follow the steps to get gigabit ethernet via coax.

    For example, if the router is in the basement and there is no Ethernet cabling but coax is available and unused by TV signals, using these adapters can send the Internet to another room in the home without worrying about unreliable wireless signal. Plug an Ethernet Switch or a powerful wireless access point like this one near your devices to get strong Internet to your home office, living room, kitchen, or wherever you need it.

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    TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch for $19. Just $2 more than the 5-Port. An 8-port switch normally sells for about $25.

    We own a couple TP-Link switches, and never had an issue with them.

    Update: Sold out at Newegg, but the same deal is available at B&H Photo Video with free shipping.

    Also, the 5-Port Switch at $17 is a good price if you have 4 devices or fewer that need to be networked. Note that one port will be used as an "uplink" to your router or other switches. The 5-port is also backed by a 5-year warranty, but is about half the size of the 8-port so it takes less room in tight spaces.

    Also, if you need ethernet cables, check out: Monoprice's selection of Cat-6 cables of any length or color you may need. These are great for offices and closets where you may want different colored cables to keep them organized. Jadaol Flat Ethernet Cables for hiding a cable along the wall, especially over long distances. We had a few of these since 2016, connecting a switch to the opposite side of the room from the outlet. The white color and flat cable made it easy to hide along the baseboard of the wall. If wifi had been the cause of faulty video calls, downloads, and games from your computers and gaming devices, ethernet cables and switches can give faster and more reliable networking than wifi to devices with ethernet ports.

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    Deals on the list include: 9.2-foot LED light strip for $16. Power and color can be controlled by a smartphone.

    4-Pack Smart Power Outlets for $22.43. Use an app or a smart speaker to turn on/off devices plugged in to them. 4-Pack Smart Dimmer Switch for $57. Use an app or a smart speaker to dim and turn on/off lights in the home. A skilled electrician will need to install these. Note, they do not work with "3-way" lights, so it will not to replace a switch at both the top and bottom of the stairs that control one light.

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    In-stock, and Staples orders are usually delivered within 48-hours if you are near to a Staples store.

    Toilet paper had been difficult to find in-stock up until recently, not because of a shortage of the material, but because of packaging and distribution. When so many people stayed home, using toilet paper at home rather than the bulk-made kind at offices, schools, sporting events, and restaurants, manufacturers could not quickly switch production to consumer toilet paper. It took weeks for manufacturers to catch up and demand to fall, which appears to be happening now as toilet paper is now a bit easier to find.

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    TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug for $15. Normally about $18.

    Allows you to control a single power outlet with a smart speaker or their Kasa app. We use a couple of these to control floor lights in the office.

    They are also selling a smart light switch for $18, but requires electrician skills to install without being electrocuted.

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    Obviously for playing tennis, but can also be used to for trigger point therapy. With guidance by a fitness instructor or physical therapist (as these videos demonstrate), a tennis ball (or a lacrosse ball) can help loosen tight muscles without spending more on a myofascial ball.

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    (expired: sold out)

    This is a hot deal for someone looking for a backup phone, a portable music player (iPod Touch), a GPS navigation device, or just a smart device to have around the home.

    This is not the newly released iPhone SE with a 4.7-inch screen.

    This is the iPhone SE released in 2016, with a 4-inch screen, in brand new condition, with no contract or service plan required.

    Price for the iPhone SE is $60. Device is service-locked to Simple Mobile. It will not work with Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or any other service. Can work as a standalone device over wifi, without subscribing to Simple Mobile. Simply do not insert the included Simple Mobile SIM card and there will be no possibility of incurring service fees. If you already have a phone with service, this is could be hot deal if you have wifi at home. Activate the phone over Wifi with your Apple account, download apps, and use in your home or car. For example: As a music player (like an iPod Touch). Its 32GB storage is plenty for hours of music or audio books, or stream music over wifi. Its built-in Bluetooth lets you pair with an external speaker or home theater A/V receiver. Use as a smart, touchscreen remote control for the TV. Smart TVs like those with built-in Roku can be fully controlled by the Roku app. Smart streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, and Nvidia Shield TV can be controlled with an app. Can control a Google Chromecast to "cast" music and video to a TV. For example, use the YouTube, YouTube Music, or YouTube TV app on the device to navigate music and shows, and press "cast" to play them on your TV. When used as a remote control, you can turn off the auto-lock to leave the screen on without having to wake it after being idle for a few minutes. Works over wifi, which can be more reliable than an IR remote with a strong home wifi signal. Use as a navigation GPS. The phone can use GPS satellites when it can see the sky, like when mounted to the dash of a car. All you need is maps downloaded onto the device, since it cannot access the Internet without a SIM card. For vehicle navigation, use Google Maps, download offline maps to the device. For hiking, use Gaia GPS which keeps hiking trails onto your device. For private pilots, use ForeFlight which keeps flight charts on your device and assists with navigation. Since the iPhone SE's 4" screen is so small, it may be mounted to the yoke (steering wheel). Use with FaceTime and iMessage. Video calls work over wifi, making this $60 device one of the cheapest ways to get a FaceTime-compatible chat device. The 4-inch screen is very small, though. iMessages work over wifi, to send/receive text messages with people with Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Macbook). Regular text messages do not work without cell service, so messages to/from someone with an Android phone or from an automated service will not work. Use as a digital wallet. Apple Pay enabled cash registers can accept payment of credit cards stored on this device. The downsides of this phone: Resource-intensive games will not play well. Cases can be harder to find for this old phone. When shopping, be sure the case is for the 4-inch screen of the 2016 iPhone SE (not the 4.7-inch iPhone SE 2020). The 4-inch screen can seem small to anyone used to a larger phone. This phone is compatible with the latest iOS 13, but its older A9 chip may not be compatible with future iOS versions.

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    New ad-free streaming service launches May 27 called HBO Max.

    Pre-order and pay $12/mo, rate locked-in for one year. Cancel anytime. After one year, the rate goes up to $15/mo.

    Or, some AT&T customers get HBO Max for free. It is free for those with AT&T Unlimited Elite Wireless, Internet 1000, DirecTV Premier, U-verse U400/U450, and AT&T TV Now/Premier.

    HBO Max include all shows and movies on HBO, including original content, documentaries and specials. Last Week Tonight, Westworld, Big Little Lies, and all HBO shows are included. Also includes some old popular streaming shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory, and South Park.

    This is a deal for someone who uses streaming TV services, not cable service.

    If you have cable, HBO Max may not be of value to you. Regular HBO is available on cable which includes HBO Go streaming service. If you don't have cable, HBO Max will replace HBO Now as a standalone streaming service that runs on the HBO app on smart TVs and other smart devices.

    HBO Max will include shows from WarnerMedia's brands, which includes shows made by Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, DC, CNN, Turner, Looney Tunes, and more. So HBO Max is the same as HBO Now and HBO Go, plus some old TV shows.

    On a related note, for those considering cancelling cable and switching to streaming live TV service, we recommend YouTube TV. At $50/mo, it is cheaper than some cable services, very easy to use, and is the only live TV service with unlimited DVR. Click a plus (+) button on any show or sports team of interest, and it will record whenever something airs, and keep them for 9 months. A huge amount of on-demand shows and movies are also included free, from ABC, NBC, TBS, and other on-demand services. Plus, a family can share the account and watch on their own device at the same time. While $50/mo is a lot compared to HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, and others, that is the price for having access to live TV with unlimited DVR, and gives far more new content than non-live TV services.

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