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    Nest is a smart, Wifi-connected thermostat that can be controlled by smart speakers and by your phone. It normally sells for $199 with a free Google Home Mini, but Costco is offering the same bundle for $170 for Costco members only. The deal ends this Sunday.

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    YouTube Premium is a re-launch of YouTube Red under a different name and $2/mo increase in price. It includes the same features as Red, including ad-free YouTube Music, ad-free YouTube videos, and access to YouTube original series. Also includes offline music listening using the YouTube Music app. The new price is $12/mo, and current YouTube Red subscribers keep their existing $10/mo price.

    If you have never tried YouTube Premium or YouTube Red, you can get a 3-month trial for free ($12/mo thereafter).

    People who already tried YouTube Red can get a 1-month trial for free.

    Note, YouTube Premium is a separate service from YouTube TV which provides live TV with unlimited DVR on your smart TV, phone, and tablet. You can subscribe to both YouTube Premium and YouTube TV, but as their site says, YouTube Premium will not remove the ads shown when watching shows on YouTube TV. You're stuck watching those ads.

    In our opinion, YouTube Premium is only worth the $12/mo price for two reasons: You watch a lot of YouTube videos and want the ads to disappear, or You use YouTube Music as your primary music-listening service, or want to try out YouTube Music as an alternative to Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. The music benefit on YouTube Premium is actually really well done, combining the playlist features of Pandora & Spotify with the vast library of music uploaded to YouTube. You can browse and play any song in a station or playlist, versus Pandora which just lets you skip to the next song. However, YouTube Premium is more expensive than the competition's ad-free music services, such as: Spotify Premium is $10/mo and has a 3-month trial for 99?. Boasts 30-million song catalog (mostly non-mainstream music) and a great selection of user-built playlists. Pandora Premium is $10/mo and has a free 2-month trial. All kinds of music, though a smaller song catalog than the others. Their playlists have always been the best way to discover new music. Apple Music is $10/mo and has a 1-month free trial. Has 45 million songs in their library now (commercial). Amazon Music is included free with Amazon Prime, and integrates easily with an Alexa smart speaker. All are free too, with ads.

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