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    About 2 or 3 times per year, Ecobee drops the price of their Smart Thermostat With Voice Control (formerly titled Ecobee 5) from $250 to $200.

    The sale price is available for a limited time direct from Ecobee, at Amazon, at Best Buy, at Newegg, and at Lowe's. If choosing Amazon, you may get $10 off when paying with at least one American Express Membership Rewards point.

    This model has an Alexa voice-operated smart speaker built-in. Use your voice to control the thermostat, plus it can play music and answer questions just like an Echo smart speaker. If you already own an Echo or Google smart speaker, those can control the Ecobee too.

    Our favorite feature of the Ecobee has been the remote temperature sensor, giving better temperature control where people want it. We put our sensor in our bedroom near where we sleep, and the Ecobee has kept the bedroom temperature consistent at night. Without the temperature sensor, the hallway-located thermostat would rely on its built-in sensor which would often be a different temperature than in our bedroom.

    A popular alternative is the Nest Thermostat for $199. A remote sensor can be added for $39. Other than the price, the main difference between Nest and Ecobee is how they are controlled, and the Nest does not have a built-in smart speaker.

    Some US states and municipalities are also having tax holidays and energy rebates for people who purchase a product like the Ecobee. The quickest way to find these is to log-in to your Best Buy account, visit Best Buy's Ecobee product page, and look for messages directly under the $199.99 price. For example, Best Buy says that people in Texas get this product tax-free if purchased today (May 31), and other local municipalities also may be giving rebates on Energy Star products when submitting proof of purchase to your electric company.

    Also, be sure to look at your electricity provider's website for deals. Some local electric companies sell smart thermostats like the Nest and Ecobee at heavy discounts to their customers, because their comfort features can help save energy.

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