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    The now discontinued Sennheiser HD 2.30i Headphone is on sale for $35 at Newegg. Available in Black or White color, for Apple devices or for Android devices. Normally about $50

    Its reviews are mostly positive, with people liking the comfort and sound quality.

    From the pictures, it has flat pads that rest on top of the ear, which should be more comfortable to wear than headphones that "cup" the ear.

    It also has 3-button remote control and microphone that allows call answering and volume control for mobile devices that have 3.5mm audio jacks. Choose the 2.30i for Apple devices, or the 2.30G for Android devices.

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    Add $35+ worth of products from the list, and get $10 off during checkout. Home supplies on the list include: 2-Pack Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner for $3.47 Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil for $3.48 Tide Laundry Detergent Liquid, HE, 100 Fl. Oz for $12.35. Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges for $5.22. Ziploc Gallon Freezer Bags, 28-Pack for $5 Febreze Air Freshener, 3-Pack for $11.91.

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    For iPhone, Samsung, and other phones that support wireless Qi charging, this Aukey Wireless Charger is $13 after clicking the $12 coupon under the $25 price. Similar ones sell for about $19.

    Does not include a charger. Compatible QC chargers sell for $10.50, $12, and $14, and a 3-pack for $19.

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    96W USB-C Power Adapter Click the $3 coupon under the $60 price, then add one to the cart. On the final checkout page, enter code EFTKYOZJ Final price is $27 plus tax. Includes a 6-foot USB-C cable, and connects to a laptop or battery pack that accepts USB-C power input.

    Normally, USB-C chargers capable of up to 96W power would normally sell for $50 to $80.

    We are excited about USB-C power cables because many modern laptops and some tablets support a lot of functionality by plugging-in a single USB-C cable. More than just power, adding a USB-C hub like this one can give power to the laptop or tablet, add an external monitor, gigabit ethernet, and USB devices over a single cable. Not every laptop/tablet can do USB-C power input, but if yours does, you can get more than just power input from a single USB-C port.

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    Click the coupon under the $6 price and choose "Subscribe & Save" on the right, to get it for $4.20 with free shipping.

    These normally sell for about $4 each.

    Wait until your order ships, then you can change or cancel Subscribe & Save subscription. Beware that Amazon will automatically re-order this sunscreen for you at a future date, so knowing where you can manage or cancel your subscription is important.

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    Not a "deal" because of the price, but a deal because it's in-stock from a US-based company and contains the ingredients that kill Covid-19 (and other viruses).

    Contains 70% Ethanol Alcohol and ships from the manufacturer in Pittsburgh, PA.

    The price is average during pre-Covid times, and is a hot deal today because of limited supply.

    Note that this comes in a giant jug, and is meant to fill empty bottles that you have. If you don't have empty bottles available, consider getting some.

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    Two-pack of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 32oz bottles, for $4 with in-store pickup or free shipping with a $35+ order.

    70% Isopropyl Alcohol kills viruses and germs.

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    Browse $2.99 toothpaste on their list. Add 3 to the cart, in any combination. So, add 3 of one toothpaste, or one of 3 kinds of toothpaste. Log-in to a Walgreens account (or create an account). View the cart. Under one of the toothpaste is red "Coupon Available" text. Click "Get Coupon" next to it. At the bottom of the coupon list, click the "$7.00 Off Three Crest and/or Oral-B" coupon. Return to the cart to see a $7 off discount. Three of $2.99 toothpaste with a $7 discount comes to $2 plus tax. Proceed to Checkout. Choose in-store pickup to avoid a shipping fee. Walgreens only has curbside pickup for toothpaste at select locations, so you may need to walk into the store to pickup your order at the register. This is different than their prescription drive-through, where many locations allow picking up prescriptions and some wellness products at the pharmacy drive-through.

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    Two-pack of TP-Link Kasa Smart Plugs for $18.

    Each plug into a single power outlet, and control the on/off function with a smartphone app, or from a smart speaker (Google Home or Amazon Echo), if you have one.

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    (expired: sold out)

    This TCL 55S425 is the best value in a large-screen 4K TV today. At $268 with free shipping, it supports 1080p and 4K video, HDR10, and has Roku built-in. See the full specifications on TCL's website.

    Lots of streaming apps are available with Roku, and the TV can be fully controlled by the included Roku remote and the free Roku app.

    This TV normally sells for $300 to $380.

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    For this holiday weekend, Whole Foods Market posted automatic discounts for Amazon Prime members on many products. Lots of deli meats, snacks, and fruit have "prime member deal" discounts posted next to the prices. Some discounts are 15% to 33% off.

    There are far more discounted items than those shown on their page. The only way is to search for groceries, and look for the green "prime savings" next to the prices.

    Whole Foods, like many grocery stores, offers curbside pickup. Front door delivery is also available at many locations.

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    50-pack of basic surgical-like face masks for $29, in-stock with 2-3 delivery for Prime members. That's 58? per mask.

    Other deals are available for half this price, with delivery times of 2-10 weeks. This deal delivers within a couple days.

    Do not buy this mask expecting you will be protected from getting Covid-19 by wearing it, but rather, are for being a good person by helping others from catching anything you may be carrying.

    Masks like these can be effective when everyone in a room wears them and practices social distancing, because the mask redirects germs and viruses downward rather than spreading freely in the air. Studies show most infections of Covid-19 happen from people who are asymptomatic, so in lieu of testing, if everyone in a room wears a mask like this and stays 6+ feet apart, the spread lowers.

    Healthcare workers and anyone put in contact with Covid-19 patients use better protection with N95 masks, face shields, and clothes/shoe coverings which are in short supply because they are effective at protecting the wearer from becoming infected.

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    Ecobee 5th Generation, also known as the Ecobee SmartThermostat with Voice Control, is on sale this weekend at most stores: for $200 at Amazon, Best Buy, Lowe's, and Home Depot. Update: Sale ended. Normally sells for $250.

    It replaces the thermostat already installed in your home. Requires a professional to install.

    This Ecobee comes with a remote temperature sensor, so you can better keep the room at the temperature where you spend time. Keep the sensor on your nightstand next to your bed, to have the thermostat better regulate the temperature of where you sleep.

    Depending on where you live, some local electric companies provide rebates when purchasing a smart thermostat, because they help save energy.

    Do a Google search for your power company name, followed by the word "marketplace" and see if they sell thermostats with discounts on the Ecobee (and other smart thermostats).

    For example, Dayton Power & Light in Dayton, OH sells the Ecobee with Voice Control for $69 for their customers only. South Jersey Gas sells the Ecobee with Voice Control for $69 for their customers only. Georgia Power sells the Ecobee with Voice Control for $144 for their customers only. BGE Power in Central Maryland sells the Ecobee with Voice Control for $144 for their customers only.

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    Sign up for a free account (or sign-in), press "Get" to add Sid Meier's Civilization 6 to your account for free. The game will be yours forever, even after this promotion ends next week.

    This popular turn-based strategy game normally sells for $60.

    They are also selling the Platinum Edition Upgrade for $40, which normally sells for more. The Platinum Edition adds a bunch of enhancements to the original game.

    On a related note, the developer just released New Frontier Pass, the latest add-on pack.

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    In-stock, and Staples orders are usually delivered within 48-hours if you are near to a Staples store.

    Toilet paper had been difficult to find in-stock up until recently, not because of a shortage of the material, but because of packaging and distribution. When so many people stayed home, using toilet paper at home rather than the bulk-made kind at offices, schools, sporting events, and restaurants, manufacturers could not quickly switch production to consumer toilet paper. It took weeks for manufacturers to catch up and demand to fall, which appears to be happening now as toilet paper is now a bit easier to find.

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    6-pack of Softsoap antibacterial soap in dispenser for $12.

    Note that washing hands with soap is one of the most effective ways at preventing spread of Covid-19.

    Also, Amazon has a 24-Pack of Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Rolls for $28.

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    Lenovo 28-inch (L28u-30) 4K IPS Monitor for $250. Normally $300 to $350.

    The specs are very good, with 3840x2160 (4K) resolution, 178 degree viewing angle, 4-6ms response time, 60Hz refresh rate, 1000:1 contrast ratio, one HDMI and one DisplayPort input, and VESA (100x100mm) mount capable. Most other 28" monitors with similar specs sell for over $300.

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    Someone looking to upgrade their laptop or desktop's performance can pop open the chasis and swap out the NVMe SSD on the motherboard.

    Western Digital's "Black" hardware is known to be excellent quality, and this 1TB SSD is backed by a 5-year warranty.

    Normally sells for $150 to $165.

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    Not a deal, but a tip for people working from home.

    With so many people video calling/conferencing from home, having fast Internet throughout the home is more important than ever.

    If your wifi signal is weak because it's too far from the router, ethernet wires are the best way to get reliable Internet.

    Some modern homes/apartments have ethernet (Cat-5e and Cat-6) jacks in rooms, but what about older homes with just coax jacks?

    If your home has coax cable jacks that are unused, you can get a pair of coax to Ethernet adapters for $155 and follow the steps to get gigabit ethernet via coax.

    For example, if the router is in the basement and there is no Ethernet cabling but coax is available and unused by TV signals, using these adapters can send the Internet to another room in the home without worrying about unreliable wireless signal. Plug an Ethernet Switch or a powerful wireless access point like this one near your devices to get strong Internet to your home office, living room, kitchen, or wherever you need it.

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    40-Pack of 1oz Bags of Doritos, Variety Pack for $12.01 when applying code FRITO15 with free shipping. Normally sells for $17. 40-Pack of 1oz Bags of Doritos Cool Ranch for $11.76 when applying code FRITO15 with free shipping. Normally sells for $17. 36-Pack of 0.875oz Bags of Simply Brand Snacks Variety Pack for $14.45 when applying code FRITO15 with free shipping. Normally sells for $17. Enter the code FRITO15 on the payment screen during checkout, after entering your shipping address.

    Two things to be aware of: 1oz bags contain about 10-15 chips, so these are either small or perfect size, depending on your snacking preference. The expiration date will be within 2-3 months from now, so they could taste stale if not consumed within 3 months.

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    Has been on sale for $30 a few times in the last few months. Looks similar to an Instant Pot which sells for about $80.

    A pressure cooker cooks potatoes, stew, soup, and rice very thorough and in less time.

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    TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug for $15. Normally about $18.

    Allows you to control a single power outlet with a smart speaker or their Kasa app. We use a couple of these to control floor lights in the office.

    They are also selling a smart light switch for $18, but requires electrician skills to install without being electrocuted.

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    Seagate 5TB Portable Hard Drive for $90 with free shipping. Plus tax.

    Non-Costco members can order with a 5% surcharge ($94.50 before tax).

    This is the small "portable" external hard drive that uses just one USB cable for power and data, so no need to carry a separate power cord with you. We used a similar portable drive when we could travel, for storing thousands of photos taken with a camera.

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    Poo-Pourri Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, 2oz bottle for $6.

    Not a good price considering the small size, but is one of the few hand sanitizers available for delivery within 2 weeks.

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    Apple Watch 38mm Series 3 for $179 at

    Normally, the Apple Watch Series 3 sells for $199.

    This is two generations older than the latest Series 5 model, but still has similar features. The Series 3 at 38mm is smaller than the newer watches, which could be better for someone with a smaller wrist.

    The Apple Watch needs to pair with an iPhone, and will not work with an Android phone.

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    6-pack of Suave Hand Sanitizer Spray, 10oz bottles, for $27 ($4.50 per bottle).

    According to the label, this contains 65% Ethyl Alcohol which, according to the CDC, is enough to kill Covid-19 and other viruses. Note that "Ethyl Alcohol" is the same thing as "Ethanol Alcohol", and this product's 65% is higher than the CDC's 60% recommendation.

    A 10oz (295ml) bottle is pretty large for a sanitizer. We would guess that each bottle could provide at least 70 sprays.

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    60-pack of individually-wrapped 4x3-inch 96% alcohol wipes for $17.15 (29? per wipe).

    This looks good for: Wiping down groceries and containers that come into the home, Cleaning door handles after someone touches them, and Sanitizing a steering wheel or phone, when someone else uses them. Its 96% Isopropyl Alcohol content can kill viruses on hands, plastic containers, hard surfaces, and cardboard boxes.

    However, as explained in this article, adding a little water to the pads could make them more effective. It seems too much alcohol can be less effective than alcohol mixed with a little water. So these pads CAN work, but may work better if you ADD water.

    Otherwise, regular soap can be a good alternative for killing the virus. If you have a sink nearby, soapy paper towels and a little water should be another way to clean surfaces. And, of course, hand washing (with soap) after touching something that someone else has touched, is the best strategy to minimize your risk of catching Covid-19.

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    Sign up for an Epic Games account, click the green "Get" button to have Grand Theft Auto V added to your account for free. Once added, the game is yours forever even after this promotion ends.

    Note that GTA5 contains violence and is only for people age 17 and up.

    The 2015-released game normally sells for $30.

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    Six-pack of 32oz Silk Almond Milk, Unsweetened for $12. This brand is carrageenan-free, a good thing for non-dairy milk. However, Silk brand does have gellan gum and locust bean gum, which according to this blogger, can react negatively to people with sensitive immune systems. Six-pack of Annie Chun's Sticky White Rice, Microwave-safe for $8. Heats in 2 minutes, and makes for a cheap ($1.33 each) & hot addition to leftover chicken, vegetables, beans, or anything that goes with rice. Six-pack of 6oz Colgate Whitening Toothpaste, Sparkling White for $8. Normally over $10. 20-Pack AAA Alkaline Batteries for $4.60 when choosing Subscribe & Save and clicking the 30% coupon under the $6.96 price. After your order ships, be sure to cancel Subscribe & Save if you don't want Amazon to auto-reorder this item for you at a higher price on a future date. Grey Poupon Mustard, 8oz for $3. Same price as sold at grocery stores, but ships to your door. Single Dumbbell Workout Weight, 15 pound for $21 each, or 20 pound for $25.50 each. Note, each order comes with one (not two). Home workout equipment like this had been in very low stock, since people started staying at home. Note that Amazon has come under fire for the way it treats its workers. According to employees, it has been very slow at installing protections from Covid-19 and is under investigation for firing employees who complained about safety.

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    RavPower is our favorite brand of portable battery chargers. Here are some deals.

    RavPower 20,000mAh Portable Battery Charger for $30.10 Click the 10% coupon under the $43 price. During checkout, apply promo code W3MOT2NF to get $8.60 off. Final price is $30.10 plus tax. This is quite versatile as it provides 3 charging ports: 18W USB-C power delivery, 18W QC 3.0 USB, and regular 2.4A USB.

    Can be charged by either USB-C or regular USB. Note that an AC adapter is not included, so pair with your own USB or USB-C wall adapter to charge this.

    Weighs 1 pound and is 6.2x2.9x0.6 inches in size.

    RavPower 15,000mAh Portable Battery Charger for $23.80. Click the $5 coupon under the $36 price. During checkout, apply promo code UBS27YUL to get $7.20 off. Final price is $18.80 plus tax.

    Same features as the above 20,000 with a smaller battery, slightly smaller, and is one-third lighter at 0.66 pounds.

    RavPower 20,000mAh USB-C Portable Battery Charger for $38 Select the black color (this deal is not available on the white) Click the $7 coupon under the $50 price. During checkout, apply coupon code D3TWUNJH to get another $7 off. Final price is $38 plus tax. Includes a USB-C cable.

    This is only for someone with USB-C devices, as it must be charged from a USB-C AC adapter with 45W or higher (not included) and will work with any USB-C charger that came with a laptop or iPad Pro as long as it is rated 45W or higher.

    Provides 60W portable power for a laptop or iPad Pro, for charging away from a power outlet, like outside on a patio, at a pool, or when you can travel away from home again. Ours charges a Lenovo Thinkpad battery from 10% to 70%.

    Note that some power hungry MacBook models will not take power from this RavPower, because some need more than the 60W provided. Check your MacBook model or laptop specs, to see if it can take 60W (or less) power through USB-C.

    This RavPower also has one QC 3.0 18W USB charging port for charging a phone or tablet, but this RavPower really designed to be a USB-C charger with its high 60W power delivery capability.

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