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    This cute & tiny portable battery charger is smaller than most other 10,000mAh batteries at 2.6 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches. It weighs about 0.39 pounds (6.2 oz), so it has some weight to it, but should be easier to carry than other portable battery chargers.

    When fully charged, the 10,000mAh capacity can fully charge most modern phones at least 3 times, which is a lot of capacity for such a small charger.

    $20 is a nice price if you are looking for something portable and cute, but if reliability is more important, consider a more robust charger from RavPower or Anker. Our 4-year old RavPower 10,400mAh charger had been recharged about 500 times, and is still providing about 70-80% of its battery capacity.

    These days, portable batteries can be useful for medical and critical infrastructure workers who need quick access to chargers without being tethered to a power outlet. Also hospital patients, who likely are not allowed visitors, may also need phone charging to stay in contact with loved ones.

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    Cube is a small, lightweight device that can attach to anything you want found, such as car keys, dogs, cats, kids, and luggage. It pairs with your phone via Bluetooth, and shows the last known location of the cube on a map, and will ring when activated. So you can use your phone to find whatever is attached to the Cube, if it is within 100 feet.

    Includes a CR2 battery with up to a year of use, and replacement CR2 batteries are very cheap.

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    Many people are trying to have groceries delivered rather than risk virus exposure at crowded grocery stores. We recommend doing this, if you feel at risk of infection.

    Hopes can seem squashed when trying to check-out online, only to find an impenetrable wall saying, "no delivery times available."

    Grocery delivery services have expanded their schedules and staff, but are still busy because of the Covid-19 crisis.

    Keep retrying.

    Keep a bunch of groceries in your cart, and reload the checkout page every so often until delivery spots become available. This method worked for us, and we hope others with some patience and persistence can also have similar success with grocery delivery services.


    Available delivery times vary by location and chosen grocery store, but our area seems to open delivery times in the morning hours. Load up your cart and re-try the checkout when you wake up the next day. If none are available by the afternoon, try again the next morning.

    Instacart allows adding items after your order has been placed, so you can modify and grow your order as much as you like, after placing the order. They will adjust your shopping total on the fly, and you will only pay for items that end up being delivered.

    Instacart has an excellent UX, providing easy shopping and choosing replacement items.

    Amazon Fresh:

    Delivery times seem to disappear fast, and new ones seem to open at random times throughout the day. We reloaded one checkout page at 10:30pm and found they just posted lots of delivery slots. Orders cannot change once placed, but can be cancelled if the shopper has not yet started filling your order.

    Whole Foods:

    Delivery times seem to open in the morning hours. Fill your cart and retry your checkout in the morning. Your shopper will do live instant messaging with you, so you can pick replacements of items sold-out. For example, if organic cucumbers are sold-out, you can message the shopper to pick an alternative item like maybe non-organic cucumbers.

    Note that many items may be sold out, despite being in-stock at the time you placed your order. This means your delivered order may be a bit smaller than you had hoped, and you will only be charged for items delivered to your door.

    Shipt and FreshDirect:

    We have not had experience with them, but the same rules may apply. Keep re-trying the checkout at various times throughout the day until delivery slots open.

    When considering how much to tip your delivery person, consider their effort and risk to get your groceries.

    Some grocery stores also provide curbside pickup options. Google for your local grocery store to find shopping options.

    When bringing groceries into the home, consider sanitizing all items, as shown in this video. Using this advice, we spend a few minutes removing some outer packaging and wiping down containers with soapy towels. We wash off fruit with water, and bring all perishable items inside using a clean bag. For non-perishable items that can wait to be brought inside (snacks, cleaning products, etc.), we leave in a secure place (garage or storage shed) untouched for 3 days, enough time to kill any Covid-19 that may be on containers. Same rule applies for our restaurant deliveries, where we transfer food from their containers to ours or wipe all containers with soap and water before bringing them to the table.

    Knowing how to navigate this tough time can make the time go by quicker, and help protect the health of yourself and others.

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    Poweradd 6-outlet power strip with 900-joules surge protection and 6 2.4A USB charging ports for $17.

    900-joules surge protection is adequate for small electronics. Computers and office equipment should have 1,000 to 2,000 joule protection.

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    With most people working from home, home-office equipment is in high demand. Deals on professionally-sounding microphones are rare, but Amazon does have this Blue Yeti in Black for $100. Most stores sell this mic for about $130.

    It connects to a USB port on a PC or Mac, and provides better audio quality that on-laptop microphones, earpods, and headsets.

    This version is bundled with Ghost Recon Breakpoint for PC, a nice free bonus.

    It's a popular microphone for home offices and postcasters. Some people sell their used Blue Yeti microphones (not the Nano) for about $80 on Ebay, so $100 new with 2-year warranty is a great deal.

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    Amcrest IP2M-841B ProHD Surveillance Camera with remote-controlled pan & tilt, 1080p video quality, and night vision mode. Normally about $45-55.

    We have one taking motion-detected snapshots and recording video at our front door. It can stream live video to various devices, and send recordings to our FTP server (without requiring any service).

    Its on-device web setup provides a lot of tweaks, but does take some effort to set up, and the documentation is not good. Other surveillance cameras are easier to set up, but most require a subscription service.

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    Google Pixel 3 with 64GB memory for $320 in Pink color only.

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    Western Digital 12TB External/Desktop USB3.0 Hard Drive for $180 today. This is an excellent quality hard drive for backing up photos, videos, and important files.

    Some people have popped open the case and removed the 12TB hard drive for use in a NAS, file server, or hard drive docking station. This is called "shucking", and with a little physical effort of prying opening the case (watch this video and use these guitar picks), you can get a 3.5" Western Digital Red 12TB hard drive that would normally cost over $300. This may void the 2-year warranty, though.

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    Sale on PC games, including Civilization 6 for $19, or the Platinum Edition for $40. DOOM Eternal for $54. Usually $60.

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    Search your location, pick a local grocery store, add at least $35 of groceries to your cart, and apply code TFM15OFF during checkout to get $15 off. For first-time Instacart customers only.

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    While the New York Times website limits 10 articles without a paying account, all Coronavirus-related articles are now available for everyone with free account.

    Stay safe outside, everyone. Pay attention to local authorities, look out for each other, avoid touching others, and wash your hands.

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    Sale on storage and memory products by SanDisk and Western Digital, including: SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB SD Card for $16. The "Extreme Pro" line are some of the best quality SD cards on the market, and we recommend them for people with mirrorless and SLR cameras. SanDisk Ultra 400GB MicroSD Memory Card for $45. Normally about $55. Many Android devices, laptops, and non-Apple products have MicroSD slots for adding storage. Western Digital 12TB External/Desktop Hard Drive for $175. Normally about $200+. This line of Western Digital "Elements" drives are some of the best on the market for backups and storage. Western Digital Black SN750 2TB M.2 2280 SSD Card for $340. Normally over $400.

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    You must have a personal (non-business) American Express card that earns points, such as AmEx Blue. Go to Manage Payment Methods on Amazon, and check that you have an American Express card stored on your account. Click here Click "Active Now" to see if you are eligible. If successful, you should see green text, "this promo code is now activated". Add at least $50 of products sold and shipped by Amazon. During checkout, apply AmEx points, at least partially, as little as $1 worth of points. The $20 discount should apply.

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    iSpring 6-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter shows up as $176.34 after added to the cart.

    A reverse-osmosis water filter is one of the best ways to get clean drinking (and cooking) water in the home. This model not only removes all the bad stuff from water which treatment plants have trouble removing (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals, etc), it also has a remineralizer which adds healthy minerals back into the water.

    A plumber is required to install, and an extra hole in the countertop is needed for the included faucet to fit into.

    Note that this (and all reverse-osmosis systems) need replacement filters every so often, so remember to factor the cost of replacement filters. They currently sell a one year supply of the 6-stage filter replacements for $57.

    Expect a plumber to charge anywhere from $200 to $500 to install, and a countertop store may be able to drill a hole in countertops for $75 to $200 (or do it yourself).

    Also, beware that reverse osmosis wastes water, and can increase your water usage costs. Reverse osmosis wastes about 4 gallons of water per gallon made.

    We have a reverse-osmosis (Aquasana) in our kitchen. We believe it was a good investment in our health, as there is a rise in contamination of water sources from chemical dumping, drilling, and climate change.

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    Western Digital Easystore 8TB USB3.0 External/Desktop hard drive for $130. One of the highest rated USB hard drives on the market today, and useful for storing a lot of backups.

    Best Buy had sold it for $120 around Black Friday, and $130 is still a great deal.

    A method called "shucking" is a popular way to get a high quality 8TB internal drive for NAS and fileserver computers. Popping open the enclosure voids the 2-year warranty, but does give a 8TB Western Digital Red drive that would normally cost about $210.

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    Available in some colors at the $90 price. Usually over $120.

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    Pogo BPA-Free Water Bottle, 18oz in Blue for $4.69 Their 18oz bottles normally sell for about $8.

    We use the larger 32oz bottles for our everyday water drinking bottles, and they are quite nice. The lid can be fully closed without risk of leaks, the bottle is durable from drops, and the built-in hook makes carrying easier. The larger 32oz bottles sell for about $8-9.

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    Poweradd EnergyCell 10,000mAh Compact Portable Battery Charger with a single 2.4A USB output for $13.30 when clicking the $2 off coupon under the price.

    It's small and lightweight, at 4 x 1.9 x 1 inches and 0.375 pounds. The 10,000mAh capacity is capable of fully charging most phones 3 times.

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    Tide HE Laundry Detergent Liquid, Original Scent, 100 Fl Oz Bottle for $11.97 each. Add one to the cart, view the cart and change the quantity to 3, then a $10 discount automatically appears during checkout. That comes out to $26 for 3 bottles (under $9 each).

    Each bottle has enough liquid for about 64 loads of laundry, and normally sells for about $12 to $15.

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    Oral-B 8000 Electric Toothbrush for $100, available in choice of color. Battery lasts for 14-days of use, and includes a USB charging case.

    We like Oral-B's spin brush head which does a great job at cleaning teeth and the spaces between. Philips Sonicare is also a popular choice and recommended by our dentist, and can run cheaper than an Oral-B, and also works far better than a regular toothbrush.

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    Square Terminal is a portable payment acceptance device for accepting payments. Normally $300, it's on sale today for $240.

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    Adidas $50 gift card is valid on and Adidas stores in the US. Add one to the cart, and a free $15 Adidas gift card is included free. The deal expires today, and the gift cards never expire until their funds are fully used. Both gift cards arrive digitally by email.

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    For new Sam's Club members only, join Sam's Club for 1 year at $45 and get $45 store credit toward regular-priced items.

    72-hours after your new Sam's Club membership is activated, they will give $45 credit that is valid for 60 days.

    Your Sam's Club membership automatically renews at $45/year.

    Check store locations.

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    JBL Control Xtream Wireless Stereo Speakers for $140. Plays audio through Wifi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and Bluetooth. The only cables needed are the power plugs that connect each speaker to to a power outlet.

    Normally about $200.

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    Two-pack of Google Nest Hubs, charcoal (black) or chalk (white), for $100. Today only.

    Normally about $100 each.

    It works just like other Google smartspeakers, and uses a 7-inch touchscreen for showing photo albums, search results, cooking recipes, and watching videos.

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    Deals on several computer monitors from Acer, HP, and Sceptre, including: Sceptre 22" Monitor for $65 HP Pavilion 21.5" IPS Monitor for $80 BenQ 24" Monitor for $95 Sceptre 25" 1ms Gaming Monitor for $145. Normally about $175. Acer 31.5" IPS Monitor for $199 Acer Nitro 27" IPS Gaming Monitor for $271

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