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    Western Digital 12TB External/Desktop USB3.0 Hard Drive for $180 today. This is an excellent quality hard drive for backing up photos, videos, and important files.

    Some people have popped open the case and removed the 12TB hard drive for use in a NAS, file server, or hard drive docking station. This is called "shucking", and with a little physical effort of prying opening the case (watch this video and use these guitar picks), you can get a 3.5" Western Digital Red 12TB hard drive that would normally cost over $300. This may void the 2-year warranty, though.

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    Western Digital Easystore 8TB USB3.0 External/Desktop hard drive for $130. One of the highest rated USB hard drives on the market today, and useful for storing a lot of backups.

    Best Buy had sold it for $120 around Black Friday, and $130 is still a great deal.

    A method called "shucking" is a popular way to get a high quality 8TB internal drive for NAS and fileserver computers. Popping open the enclosure voids the 2-year warranty, but does give a 8TB Western Digital Red drive that would normally cost about $210.

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