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    It's one of the cheapest luggage scales on the market, and works well. We bought one of these before flying on an airline with strict baggage limits.

    Most airlines limit checked luggage to 50 pounds (23 kg), and some international airlines (many in the pacific) have a strict 15 pound (7 kg) limit on carry-on bags. To avoid hefty penalties while traveling, this handheld scale can measure the weight of luggage to help pack within limits before arriving at the airport.

    Beware, to use this handheld scale, you must possess the strength to lift the weight of the luggage. Say your luggage weighs 45 pounds, you must strap the scale to the luggage handle and lift the 45 pound bag off the ground and hold it steady for about 4 seconds to get an accurate weight measurement.

    Speaking of international travel, Amazon sells a carry-on luggage with 4 wheels for $55 that conforms to most reduced carry-on size limits enforced by many international airlines. Alternatively, Samsonite and TravelPro do sell 2-wheel bags at this size, but if you want 4 wheels, the Amazon bag is one of the only options for an international-compatible carry-on.

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