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    The good news is at my local Walgreenssome of the 75% off summer toys & school supplies are pricing at 90%. Many fun outdoor water balloon toys and other toysfor little kids for 20 and 40.

    The bad news is, it is all hit or miss. You need to price check everything.

    The other bad news is, at least with my Walgreens,within a few days or less of hitting 90%, anything left on the shelf is put in large plastic crates and shipped away. Do not plan on going back the next day for a second haul.

    Hit or miss: a package of $3.99 Sharpie highlighters 40 and the price checker says "School Pack Highlighters" while a near identical package of Sharpie highlighters is still $3.99. An employee explained that the 90% packis BTS stock, while the full price packbelongs in year round stationary, but they are in the store mixed together.

    Very much YMMV.

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    Rating: 0 Posted By: CaptainVirus
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    Been keeping an eye on this highly rated game for my son and randomly found it on clearance in Mattoon, IN for just $6.49 and at least 1 more on the shelf. Ymmv as clearance stock varies by location.

    Amazonlink for info:

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    Walgreens is clearing out most of the Indie games they were carrying in their stores. Different stores are clearing out different games, and at different prices, so you may need to hit more than one...

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