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    It can fly. It watches you while you sleep. It will protect you from your enemies. It is smarter than you initially realized. It is slowly learning your language and influencing your decision making. It wants you to acquire more of its kind so it can form a flock and take revenge on your terrible neighbor, Steve.

    One Drone, Multiple Accessories

    The Parrot Mambo minidrone comes equipped with two new accessories that help turn the sky into a playground! Fire miniature balls at moving objects with the Cannon, or move objects through the air using the Grabber claw. You can also enjoy acrobatic tricks and flips in flight. This super robust and easy to handle Minidrone will measure up to all your challenges.


    Interact with other drones and pilots using the included Cannon accessory. Attach the Cannon to your Parrot Mambo and let the games begin!? Test your skills with target practice, and fire these little balls at a pyramid of cups or other light-weight targets.? You can load up to 6 pellets into the Cannon at a time. The first pilot to knock everything down wins!


    Would you like to do something out of the ordinary and surprise everyone? Attach the Grabber to the Parrot Mambo and use it to transport mini-objects that weigh up to 4g to a new location.? Simply activate the claw on the home screen of your FreeFlight Mini app, carry something up into the air, and put it down wherever you want.

    Safety First

    Thanks to an advanced flight controller and high performance sensors, the Parrot Mambo is easy to pilot and control.? In addition, the autopilot functionality ensures that it will stay stable and hover, even if you let go of the controls.? Lastly, the Parrot Mambo comes equipped with and automatic 'shutdown system' that cuts the motors off in case of a crash or collision.

    Download, and You're Ready to Have Fun

    FreeFlight Mini's easy-to-use interface makes piloting simple, even for beginner pilots. The app connects to your Minidrone via Bluetooth Low Energy.? Once connected, select your preferred piloting method and take-off. You can pilot using virtual joysticks in Joypad mode (default setting), or by tilting your smartphone/tablet in the direction you want your drone to go in Accelerometer mode.

    Tips for getting started

    Before takeoff, be sure to update your Mambo's software and fully charge its battery. For double the flight time and twice the fun, pick up an extra battery with your purchase.? If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team.

    Product Dimensions:

    5.2 x 1.6 x 5.2 inches; 2.24 ounces

    In the Box:

    Mambo Drone Cannon Grabber USB Cable 50 Cannon balls Quickstart Guide

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