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    Sears has Adult Athletic Shoes-Buy one get one free. Free in store pick-up at Sears. 9/7/17 only. HERE []

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    Alice wandered about the shopping mall, passing pretzel stands and sunglasses shops. "How strange" she thought, "It feels as though I've been here before..." She consulted the map in front of Sears, when a voice from an unknown source said "You are here!" This was very curious indeed, as Alice wasn't exactly sure where 'here' was. Again, the voice intoned "You are here!" But how could the voice know where Alice was even trying to go? If she was here, then she had arrived. And if she had arrived, then perhaps her journey was over. And yet, she still did not have the sweater she had come to the mall to purchase... Was this voice perhaps trying to assure her that life was about the journey, and not the destination? Was this a lesson about living in the present moment? When the voice declared "You are here!" for a third time, Alice finally noticed the small circle of light blinking behind a corner of the map. It too said "You are here" and Alice realized she still had a long way to go... The automated voice behind the map was wrong. Here was nowhere she wanted to be.

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    Select Craftsman Power Tools 50% Off - FS on $49+ @ Sears

    Thanks to member UkeDoggie for pointing out this deal.

    Craftsman Corded Engraver Set -$12.92
    Craftsman 2.8AMP Orbit Sander-$24.92
    Craftsman 2.4AMP 1/4 Sheet Sander - $29.92
    Craftsman 5.0 Amp Jig Saw -$32.42
    Craftsman 8.0 Amp 1/2" Hammer Drill -$39.92
    Craftsman 2.0 Amp Compact A/C Multi-Tool -$39.92
    Craftsman Quick Release 2.5 Amp Multi-tool -$54.92
    Craftsman 8A 3X21 Belt Sander - Sears - $64.92
    Craftsman 15A Angle Grinder -$69.92

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