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    How to Score Points at Adulting:

    Get a Job- 5 points

    Get a Job You Like- 10 points

    Get a Job You Like and are Good at- 15 points

    Eat vegetables- 5 points

    Eat vegetables other than potatoes- 10 points

    Eat Kale and Pretend to Like it- 15 points

    Buy a Blender- 5 points

    Buy a Juicer- 10 points

    Buy a Ravioli Maker and use it exactly once- 15 points

    Talk about credit card rewards with a friend- 20 points

    Get Excited about going to Costco on your day off- 20 points

    Pay Your Taxes On Time- 30 points

    Cleaning the bathtub- 100 points


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