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    Take a big coffee cup to work and you're the office clown. Wear big clothes to a concert and you're an otherworldly superstar. Put on big shoes and you become a classic comedian. Serve big food and people rush to pay you for the right to eat themselves sick.

    Make big sodas and strangers say "what a deal!" Make big buildings and suddenly you're a landmark! Offer big value and people fight to line up at your door. Make a big movie of the summer and you're got your pick of the next project.

    Our society is designed to be big. Big is what we're made to be. So take home some of these big lights, plug them in, and show them off. Who knows what great things will happen to you because of it?

    HINT: probably nothing but there's always a chance

    In the Box:

    (1) Really Big Lights Multicolor Box of 10 - White, Red, Yellow, Blue

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