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    Steam is having their semi-annual sale now through July 5. Almost every PC game is on sale.

    Also, get $5 Off $30 at Steam when using PayPal as the checkout method. PayPal works with all major credit cards.

    The Steam Link is also on sale for about $10.50 shipped. Steam Link turns your powerful home PC into a game console unit for your living room, good for platform and racing games. The Steam Link redirects your PC's display to your TV via Ethernet network and HDMI cable, and works with certain Bluetooth controllers such as a PS3 or PS4 wireless controller, or controller from Steam bundled with Steam Link for $46 shipped.

    Some links to help find deals on games: All Top-Selling Games Top-selling games in: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Racing, Role Playing, Simulation, Sports, Strategy, Virtual Reality. Example of some game deals: BioShock Collection (all games) for $15. Includes BioShock Infinite (Reviews) Cities: Skylines for $7.50. (Reviews) Sid Meier's Civilization VI for $24. (Reviews) Far Cry 4 for PC for $12. (Reviews) Portal 1 & 2 for $2.23 for both games. Vessel for PC for $5. Single-player puzzle platform game that we enjoyed. (Reviews) Games that require VR headgear: Space Pirate Trainer for $7.50 QuiVr for $16 Eleven: Table Tennis VR for $10 Out of Ammo for $12

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    Call of Duty: WWII for Playstation 4 and for Xbox One for $30 today. Normally about $40.

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    8-Pack of AA Batteries for $3 8-Pack of AAA Batteries for $3 In-store pickup is available.

    They are Alkaline batteries and should perform just as good as any other cheap brand, but will not have the longevity of a Duracell or Energizer.

    So, the Insignia batteries are probably better for children's toys and portable speakers (devices that do not need longevity like a flashlight or remote control would). For example, as this news article shows, more expensive Energizer and Duracell batteries powered a flashlight for over 5 hours, whereas cheaper batteries lasted 3-4 hours.

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