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    Outdoor Mash Adjustable Tripod Stand Holder for mobile phones for $19, and press the $17-off coupon under the price to get it for about $2.

    If the tripod is sold out, here is the same deal again, and another deal. All appear to be the same item, and include an adjustable clip for holding a cell phone steady for picture-taking.

    Be sure to click the "coupon" under the price to get the deals.

    Prime members get free shipping, and may also have the option to select No-Rush Shipping to get a $5 credit on a future Luxury & Beauty purchase.

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    Otium FM Transmitter connects the streaming music on your phone with your car stereo using FM radio. The price is $17.59, and code D935MEDS changes the price to $12. Free shipping with Amazon Prime, or free with a $35+ order.

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    APC Back-UPS Mobile Power Pack for Routers and Phones for $46.95, and press "Clip Coupon" under the price to get $13 off.

    This small Back-UPS battery backup is only capable of protecting low-power communications and network devices such as routers, switches, and phones.

    This model can be removed from its housing and taken with you. The portable battery can charge smartphones & tablets with up to 11,400mAh charging capacity. That's enough battery capacity to charge a tablet twice and a phone about six times.

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    HP Envy 7643 All-in-One Printer with document-fed scanner and fax machine for $50. Normally about $120. It can print from a phone or tablet.

    This printer's cost of ink is a bit more than many other printers, although Ebay has some deals helping drop the cost a little. When your printer's included ink runs out, for example, a 2-Pack of XL Black+Color Ink for $53 and prints about 600 average pages (8.8? per page).

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    The USB portss charge up to 3.4 amps, so it can charge one big device like a tablet and 2 small devices like a phone and an eReader.

    Other similar wall surge protectors sell for about $20 and provide fewer USB ports with less amps.

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    If you bought an iPhone in 2016 or earlier and your phone has been running slow, you can get a fresh new battery for $29 installed. Rarely will any phone maker replace a battery for this cheap.

    This works for anyone with an iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, and SE. Owners of iPhone 5 models (and older) are out of luck, unfortunately.

    With a fresh new battery, you may not feel the need to upgrade your iPhone for a while. This is because: Your phone will run faster. Up to 100% faster, according to The Washington Post. Your phone will hold a charge for longer, and charge faster. Analysts predict Apple will sell 16 million fewer iPhones by offering the $29 battery replacement alternative.

    Here is our suggestion on the best way to get the deal: Call Apple Tech Support at 800-694-7466 and request a battery diagnostic and $29 replacement. There's no advantage to having the diagnostic done at a store, and will take more time out of your day. According to TechCrunch, your phone will qualify if its battery tests below 80% of its original capacity. Phones over 15 months old should be this way. The rep will schedule a date/time for your battery to be available for install at an Apple Store (probably a 2 week backorder due to high demand). Be sure to backup your phone using iTunes on a computer or iCloud, before having the work done at the Apple Store. If Apple breaks your phone and replaces the equipment at no charge, you will need that backup to preserve your contacts, photos, apps, and settings. Apple says this $29 battery replacement program will last through December, according to MacWorld. So if your iPhone 6 or newer works fine now, know that you may have the $29 new battery anytime this year.

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    Go to and press "Select to print" under the $1 Staples Multipurpose 5-Ream Case. Print the coupon barcode (or display it on your phone). Walk into a Staples store, and find the 2,500-pack of Staples paper (item number 1147484) for $31.99. At the register, present your coupon to get $6.99 off, making the purchase price $25 plus tax. The register will print a "Staples Easy Rebate" barcode. Go to and press "In a Store" to start the rebate. Enter the number under the barcode printed by the register. After submission online, wait about 3 months to get a Visa Prepaid Card with $24 credit anywhere that accepts Visa. Your Prepaid Visa card expires if not fully used 6 months after you get it.

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    This deal may expire within the next few days, so we are re-posting it.

    To get this deal, you must switch your service from a major US carrier to Sprint, and You are not in a service contract with your existing mobile service provider, and Your phone(s) are fully paid off and not on lease, and Your credit is good, and You get the deal directly from Sprint as described below (not in-store). With the deal, you get: Unlimited data, talk, and text FREE for 1 year. Keep your current phone(s) and phone number(s). No contracts. Up to 5 lines. Data usage over 23GB in a month may be throttled. Hulu is not included free while on the free plan. To get the deal: Call your existing mobile carrier's customer service. Here are some numbers: Verizon Wireless customer service: 800-922-0204 AT&T Wireless customer service: 800-331-0500 T-Mobile customer service: 877-746-0909 Get the following information from your existing carrier: Write down your old account number, and Write down your PIN, and Make sure the phone(s) on your account are "unlocked", and Confirm your account has no active contracts (you can cancel any time). Call 866-782-8777 to sign up with Sprint. Mention the Free Unlimited for a Year promotion. Ask them to create a new Sprint account for you, and run any necessary credit checks. If you are keeping your existing phone(s), skip to step 4. If you decide to buy a new phone instead of bringing your existing phone to Sprint, make sure it's a full price buy (no lease and not connected to any Sprint plan). Make sure the phone is "unlocked" and has never been active on Sprint. For example, if you buy a new iPhone from an Apple store, have them use your old Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T SIM card to activate the phone (do not use a Sprint SIM card to activate the phone). The Apple Store can give you a Sprint SIM card to take with you, but do not put the SIM card in the phone. Get Sprint SIM cards for your phone(s). This can be done by doing 1 of these: When talking to the Sprint sales rep, they can mail cards to you for $10. At an Apple store: Many Apple stores will give Sprint SIM cards to you at no cost, just by asking. At a Sprint store: Ask for Sprint SIM cards from your local Sprint store. They may charge a fee. Be sure they do not activate the SIM card, and it comes still attached to its packaging. Transfer your existing phone number(s) and phone(s) to Sprint by calling 866-782-8777. This will activate the plan. Remember, each phone number must be transferred from another major wireless provider in the US (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc). You cannot sign up new phone numbers on your free plan. Mark your calendar for January, 2019. Sprint will switch your plan to full price ($60/mo for the first line, $40/mo for the second, and $30/mo each additional line). Re-negotiate or change plans then. For the next year, your actual monthly bill will be free plus government taxes, which can come to about $3 or $5 per month per line. Two lines, for example, would cost about $6 to $10 per month after taxes & fees, far less than Verizon's price of $130/mo plus taxes for 2 lines.

    This deal may expire soon, so consider activating the service as soon as you can (before December 31).

    After 4 months, you can purchase or lease a new phone and remain on the 1-year free plan. Call Sprint customer service to confirm this.

    When your free Sprint service is active, do not: Within the first 4 months, do not cancel any phones on your account. If you switch phones or cancel service within 4 months, you will lose the remainder of your 1-year free service. Do not apply any upgrades to your account, as it may ruin your free status for the year. Do not buy phones from a Sprint store which could mess up your free plan. Optional phone insurance can be purchased through Sprint customer service or AppleCare.

    For reference, here is a copy of the promotion that will arrive if you order SIM cards directly from Sprint.

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    According to a statement by Apple, the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement will be $29 instead of $79. The price drop will occur in late January, and available for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later. We will let our visitors know when this happens.

    Apple is doing this pricedrop as part of an apology for slowing down iPhones with old batteries meant prevent abrupt shutdowns, but instead caused many people's phones to perform slowly all the time.

    Looking past the frustration of being the owner of an old iPhone, a new replacement battery for $29 is actually a great deal worth doing. Here's why: Every phone's battery will hold significantly less charge after 2 years, regardless of software on the phone. This hardware issue is found in all phones, regardless of maker. It's just how Lithium Ion batteries work. So, buying a new battery for $29 could extend the life of your old phone by about 2 years. If your iPhone 6 (or newer) is in good physical condition, a replacement battery for $29 could be a better investment than buying a new phone within 2 years.

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