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    Subscribe to Humble Bundle's monthly subscription and immediately get Civilization VI for PC/Mac. The cost is $12/mo, and you can unsubscribe anytime after receiving Civilization VI.

    If you subscribe before Feb 2, you get Civ 6, two add-ons, and the February game bundle (yet to be announced). If you cancel after receiving Civ 6 and the February bundle, $12 is all you would have paid.

    $12 is a great price for this popular strategy game. Normal is about $60 regularly, and it sells for about $30 during Steam sales.

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    For the second time in 2 months, Amazon is running a Logitech sale on computer accessories. Deals include: Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse for $30. Was $32 during the last sale. Normally about $40. They say this wireless mouse is "lag free", which should perform better for everyday use, professional use, and for gamers. Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse for $25. Lots of programmable thumb buttons for macros or game functions. Logitech K750 Wireless Solar-Powered Keyboard for Mac for $37.50. Normally about $43. Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad for $18. Meant for the couch, the front desk, or somewhere a lightweight portable wireless keyboard would be useful.

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    Nintendo Switch Console normally sells for $299 (for example, Amazon, Toys R US, Best Buy), and Walmart is offering a free $35 gift card when buying it from them. To get the deal, add the free gift card and choose the Blue/Red or Gray controller.

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    Normally about $59. Meant for a home theater PC in a living room, since it's small, lightweight, and has a built-in touchpad. Here is a video review.

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    IKEA stores are selling a 4-pack of "Ladda" 2450mAh-capacity AA batteries for $7. Similar batteries sell for about $22.

    They also sell a charger for $13.

    All rechargeable batteries work fine in low-power devices like remote controls and wireless computer mice, but only quality batteries work with power-hungry devices like cameras and flashlights. As an overly long video review says, skipping ahead to 6:19 reveals the IKEA "Ladda" batteries are the same as the big-Brand batteries which cost 3 times the price.

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    Toshiba 55-inch 1080p TV for $300 today. Even though most stores are replacing 1080p TVs with 4K, this is still a great value since most TV broadcasts do 1080p or lesser quality. Does not have Chromecast built-in, but you can add it for $35. Toshiba 50-inch 4K TV with Chromecast for $300. Chromecast lets you send video from most apps to your TV. For example, click the "cast" button when playing videos from the YouTube, CBS, or NetFlix app on your mobile device. In our opinion, the 55-inch 1080p screen is a better value for the extra 5 inches in size. Most viewers seated 10-feet from the TV will not see a difference between 1080p and 4K, especially when watching TV shows and streaming movies which are 1080p & less.

    We believe HDR, or high dynamic range, is the biggest reason to get a 4K TV. An HDR TV will show brighter colors and deeper blacks, producing an image that looks stunning. The above Toshiba 4K TV does not have true HDR, but a fake HDR according to AVS Forum.

    So, we believe there is little reason to sacrifice screen size for better pixel resolution when the real benefits, the HDR, will not even be present with the Toshiba 4K TV.

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    Dell kicked off a Presidents Day sale event on laptops, with deals that include: Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop for $250. Celeron N3060 CPU, 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive. Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop for $800. Intel i5-7300HQ Quad Core CPU, 8GB memory (upgradable to 32GB), 128GB SSD and 1TB hard drive (2 drives), Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB memory. This laptop normally sells for about $1000, and power enough to run all business applications and photo/video editing software, and games. Also a very similar model with a i7-7700HQ CPU (performs 29% better than the i5-7300HQ) and a GTX 1050 video card (performs half as good as the GTX 1060) is available for $833. Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop for $588. Intel i5-8250U CPU, 8GB memory, 1TB hard drive. Inspiron 13 5000 Touchscreen Laptop for $735. Intel i7-8550U CPU, 8GB memory (upgradable to 32GB), 1TB hard drive. Desktops: Inspiron Desktop PC, i3-7100 CPU, 8GB memory, 1TB hard drive for $392. Monitor not included.

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    NBC is providing live streams of the Super Bowl game, plus the pre-game and post-game shows. You can watch it all through an Internet connection (no TV service needed). On a computer: Live stream of the Super Bowl Tablets: Live stream the Super Bowl using the NBC Sports app. Watch on your tablet, or "cast" to a Chromecast-connected TV. Connected-devices (Roku, Xbox, Samsung TV, Amazon Fire TV): Live stream the Super Bowl using the NBC Sports app. Watch directly on your TV. Mobile Phones: Live stream the Super Bowl using the NFL App Or, on TV with cable or HD antenna, tune in to NBC.

    The above live TV streams are only available in the US. Other countries offer their own sports TV feeds.

    Start times: Eastern Time Central Time Mountain Time Pacific Time Pre-Game 2:00-6:00pm 1:00-5:00pm 12:00-4:00pm 11:00-3:00pm Opening 6:00-6:30pm 5:00-5:30pm 4:00-4:30pm 3:00-3:30pm Super Bowl 6:30pm~10:00pm 5:30pm~9:00pm 4:30pm~8:00pm 3:30pm~7:00pm

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    Crabby Men's Minimalist Wallet, Elastic for $10 when clicking the coupon under the price. Crabby Men's Minimalist Wallet, Canvas for $15 when clicking the coupon under the price. Crabby Men's Minimalist Wallet, Leather for $20 when clicking the coupon under the price. The Crabby website has a product video on the front page.

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    The Superbowl is this Sunday, and if you are considering a new TV, this is probably the best deal around.

    We bought this 55-inch TCL 4K TV with HDR during Black Friday, and love the value and image quality.

    Best Buy is selling this TV for $370, about the same price it was around Black Friday (normally about $450).

    Good things about the TV: HDR10 support. Brights are brighter, and blacks are almost entirely black. No gray tint when the TV is powered on, like most 1080p TVs have. Even if you have no 4K (2160p) content, the HDR will produce a sharper image than a 1080p TV. Here's an HDR explanation. Built-in Roku with 4K support, lots of Roku apps available directly on the TV. Also, the TV can be controlled entirely through the Roku app, including power on/off and TV settings. Very thin design, with sleek edges. Bad things about the TV: The plastic edges feel flimsy. Feels like the TV could break if bent during unboxing or moving. So, keep the original box and packaging if you plan on moving sometime. The HDR will not bad as good as $600+ TVs, but it's still quite impressive and is one of the only 55-inch TVs in the sub-$400 price range with HDR. Here's a user review of the TV, and a professional review.

    For more info on HDR, here's an article,and a video.

    If $370 is out of your budget, a Insignia 55-inch 1080p TV is also on sale today for $300. It also has great reviews.

    If you're worried about the quality of a product from TCL, a brand you never heard of, there is also a sale on a Sharp 55-inch 4K TV for $400. It also have Roku and HDR, according to the product details on their website. Its reviews are not as good as the TCL, one of the best values from a more familiar brand. Other Samsung, LG, Sharp, and Toshiba TVs are on sale, too.

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    Looks like an interesting deal to help fitness goals. As shown in their promo video apply the Sweet Sweat product to your skin before a workout to help the body sweat more. For the next few hours, Amazon is selling the 6.4oz stick for $19.29 (normally about $30 to $33).

    There are several articles about the benefits of sweating promoting better circulation, such as this one and this one.

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    Vudu, the streaming media service owned by Walmart, is offering: Free Movies with Ads. Mostly older, less popular movies. 50? Movie Rentals in HDX. Many popular movies on the list, including Superbad, The Blind Side, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Ant-Man, Mad Max Fury Road, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Shawshank Redemption, The Matrix, and John Wick. Requires a Vudu account and credit cart.

    Movies are available in Vudu's own HDX video format, which compresses high-definition 1080p movies with Dolby Surroundsound into smaller files. Videos will load faster especially with lower Internet speeds, but the trade-off is a more grainy or pixelated picture especially during fast-moving/action scenes.

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