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    Steam's own store joined GameStop by offering a huge sale on the Steam Link.

    The deal is $5 plus about $8 shipping ($13). Shipping fee appears during checkout.

    Steam Link sends your home PC's video to your living room TV, and works with Bluetooth controllers. So, you can turn your PC into a gaming console. If you don't want to spend hundreds on a game console system (like Playstation or XBox), and already have a PC capable of playing games, this can be a hot deal for you. Some configuration/setup will be required.

    Be sure to read some reviews. Some people love it, some people did not.

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     (15 hours ago)       more like this is selling the Steam Link for $5. Add $6 for shipping, or Call your local GameStop and reserve one for pickup. Normally sells for $30 and sometimes on sale for $15.

    We bought one in July, and find it a hot deal for PC gamers and enthusiasts who want to play and share video & games in their living room. Hook the Steam Link to your TV, and sync with your home PC. Add a controller. Compatible with many Playstation, Bluetooth, and USB controllers. Some sell for about $20. Plug the Steam Link and your Home PC into an Ethernet (wired) home network. Wifi can work, but with some lag that could frustrate gamers. Then your PC's powerful CPU and video card can be viewed and controlled in your living room. Steam Link is compatible with Steam Store purchased games. They say setup is easy, but some technical know-how may be required since it involves using a PC. Steam Link can be used for steaming media (replacing a Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, etc.) but with some video degradation. See more on this below. So, if you just want streaming media on your TV, a dedicated device (like a Chromecast which goes for about $35) can provide better video quality and will be easier to use than the Steam Link. Two of the biggest downsides of the Steam Link: The video quality. Steam Link works by compressing the PC's video output and sends it to the Steam Link box for displaying on your TV. Even though it will be HD quality, its video compression can cause some annoying video "artifacts" as mentioned by this Reddit reviewer. Plus, someone made a how to improve the video video, but will take some effort to set up. No 5.1 surroundsound audio support. If you are a PC gamer or want to use your PC for living room gaming or video watching, this can be a hot deal if you would rather figure out the Steam Link versus paying hundreds on an Xbox, Playstation, or other living room gaming system.

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    From Amazon France: Add one to the cart by clicking "Ajouter au Panier" on the right. Start the checkout with any US-based account The price changes to EUR 34.16 Choose "Fast" delivery. Add EUR 7-9 for shipping Final price is about $52 USD after conversion and shipping (about EUR 43). Delivery will take about 2 weeks.

    This normally sells for over $100.

    According to the product description on Amazon.Fr, this copy is "region-free" (words translated from "Toutes les r gions"). A region-free copy will play on any Blu-Ray player in the world, whereas many other discs purchased overseas will not play in the US.

    You can change the audio track to English, if another language is selected when you first play the discs. According to the description, English (DTS surroundsound) audio is available on these discs, so you don't have to worry about learning French to watch this copy.

    This pack gives you the first 6 seasons on Blu-Ray discs. Game of Thrones aired Season 7 this last summer, which is not included in this package. A package with Season 7 costs over $130.

    As an alternative, you could get a 1 month free trial to HBO Now, then pay $15/mo thereafter. HBO Now plays Game of Thrones on most tablets and streaming media devices (Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Xbox One, etc).

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    Walmart posted much of their Black Friday sale online!

    Deals on the Black Friday sale list include: Apple iPhone 6 32GB Prepaid Smartphone for Straight Talk for $129. TV and Living Room: Samsung 40" 4K 2160p Smart TV for $328. Normally about $400. Sceptre 55" 4K 2160p TV for $330. Normally about $375. Vizio 55" 4K 2160p TV for $398. Normally about $500. Samsung 55" 1080p Smart TV for $448. Normally about $500. Vizio 55" 4K 2160p Smart TV for $468. Normally about $550. Samsung 55" 4K 2160p Smart TV for $498. Normally about $600. Samsung 58" 4K 2160p Smart TV for $598. Normally about $650. Vizio 65" 4K 2160p Smart TV for $748. Normally about $900. Xbox One S 500GB Game Console System for $189 Playstation 4 1TB Gaming System for $199. Normally $250 and up. Google Home Mini Voice-Operated Speaker for $29. Normally $49. "Smart" TVs have built-in apps such as NetFlix, Hulu, and YouTube, so you don't need a Chromecast or Fire TV Stick to watch streaming video.

    Kitchen: Crock-Pot 5-Quart Slow Cooker for $10 Instant Pot 5-Quart Pressure Cooker for $49. Normally $70. Cuts cooking time for rice, soup, potatoes, and stew in half. Farberware 3.2-Quart Oil-Less Fryer for $39 Games: Madden NFL 18 Limited Edition for Playstation 4 for $20. Normally $35. Computers and Tablets: RCA Cambio 10.1" 32GB Tablet & Keyboard for $99. Normally about $135. Acer 15.6" Laptop for $299. Includes a 7th Generation Core i3-7100U CPU, 4GB memory, 1TB hard drive, and Windows 10.

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    Pay $10 to get the PC/Mac game, Cities Skylines Deluxe Edition. You also get the 6 other strategy/simulator games shown on that page, including Out of the Park Baseball 18, Plague Inc., and Train Simulator 2017.

    Cities Skylines normally sells for $30. It's basically the same as SimCity, but with more depth. Here is a review comparing SimCity with Cities Skylines, and a video comparison. Also, Metacritic has links to dozens of reviews, most of which rated the game positively.

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    (expired: Now $10)

    Free shipping.

    Normally about $20.

    They are also selling Just Dance 2016 for Xbox One for $12. Normally $20.

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    Family board games and puzzles are on sale, including: Sorry! for $14. Operation for $14. Ravensburger Puzzle - Construction Crowd (for kids) for $6 Ravensburger Puzzle - Fun at the Carnival (300-pieces) for $8.40. Ravensburger Puzzle - Solar System (300-pieces) for $10.

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    Google Chromecast for $20 with in-store pickup (or add $6 for delivery). Includes $5 Vudu credit.

    Normally $35.

    Google Chromecast plays streaming music and video on your TV, and integrates with Google Home, Google Chrome, and YouTube. Using a Google Home speaker, you can say, "Hey, Google, play Star Trek on my TV." Use the YouTube app on your iPad, or Chrome on your laptop, to "cast" YouTube videos and YouTube TV to your home television. Note, some streaming media services, such as NetFlix, Pandora, Vudu, and YouTube, could be slowed or impeded by some Internet providers if Net Neutrality ends (expected around Christmas next month).

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    From time to time, we report trends, news, and interesting things that effect consumers. We are worried about the bleak news about Net Neutrality rules being eliminated, a huge win for big businesses and loss for small businesses and deal-seekers.

    What is Net Neutrality? Your connection provider to the Internet (cable modem, mobile/LTE wireless, fiber, whatever) are not allowed to pick favorites, block content, or make certain services unusable. Protections were put in place after connection providers (mobile companies, cable companies, etc) blocked content or made competing services (such as Netflix) unusable or slow. Without Net Neutrality: Fewer choices of services. Cost of services could rise. If Comcast makes a deal with Hulu, competing services like Netflix and YouTube could be slowed or blocked from Comcast customers. Some websites could be blocked. For example, we frequently post our opinions (negative and positive) about products we try, but if we say something that angers T-Mobile, they could retaliate by blocking our website from being seen by their customers. Small companies like ours could fight back through the legal system, but many will simply die off. Internet service providers would be able to take money to prioritize certain websites, making the non-paying websites load slowly. The US will join the small list of anti-Net Neutrality countries like Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Japan, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, and Slovenia. Some of these countries block critics and content, including: China blocks many websites & apps entirely, including Google, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, github, DropBox, Slack, Sony, Flickr, Reuters, and NASA. Portugal has a dystopian cable-style Internet which blocks most online services. After paying for Internet service, Portugal residents can un-block content by paying for them a la carte: Google, Yahoo, and search engines cost $5/mo to access. News sites like CNN, Digg, MSNBC, and Fox News cost $5/mo to access. Gaming websites cost $5/mo to access. Social media like Twitter and Facebook cost $5/mo to access. Shopping sites like Amazon, Newegg, PayPal, Ebay, and cost $5/mo to access. Streaming music sites like Last.FM, Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes, and eMusic cost $10/mo to access. How this can affect our users: Small shopping sites like Blue Nile, BuyDig, Newegg, and Overstock may have fewer deals due to the rising cost of doing business on the Internet. Consumers who replaced high-cost Cable television service with low-cost streaming video services, may find their services may soon get worse. This could mean YouTube TV, Playstation Vue, DirecTV Now, Hulu TV, and Sling TV may struggle to offer high quality service. Companies that want their services to continue uninterrupted may be forced to pay fees, and thus, will raise their prices. Companies who cannot afford streaming "tolls" may die. Many small businesses who market through social media, websites, and cheap online advertising could lose their low-cost advertising options. Opportunities for new innovations in the US, such as streaming TV and video conferencing, may be shrink. Less innovation can mean fewer options and higher prices. For example, a cheap personal trainer app that provides live video workouts may struggle to survive if cable and mobile services throttle or disable the streaming video feature. Reference sites & services that are currently free, like Wikipedia and Google Maps, may start charging customers for access. Websites, like this one, may work for some people, and stop working for others. If the current news holds its course, Net Neutrality will be eliminated by the end of the year (around Christmas).

    We Americans use the Internet in every aspect of our lives. We share videos & photos, engage with people through social media and calls, and love the freedom of shopping at whichever site gives us the best deals and which products have the best reviews. The Internet companies have, and will likely again, introduce politics into where we shop and how we communicate & get information, and that will likely lead to higher prices on everything.

    On a positive note, The New York Times says 76% of Americans support Net Neutrality. The news suggests consumers & companies are already pushing their elected officials to keep the protection in place. So, there is still hope.

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    This deal is still available, and is a hot deal for anyone with an SLR or 4K video camera. Sandisk Pixtor/Extreme 32GB Secure Digital (SDXC) Memory Card for $13.75 with free shipping code BLACKNOVEMBER?. At $0.43 per GB, this is the best deal we have ever seen on a U3-speed card. Similar U3-speed cards sell for about $20 for a 32GB, which is $0.62/GB. U3 means a guaranteed minimum transfer rate of 30 MBytes/sec on the card, which is required to record 4K video or can take SLR camera photos in one-third the time. Here is an article and a video showing the benefits.

    This is an older model of the SanDisk memory card, but is still backed by a lifetime warranty.

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    In addition to yesterday's Black Friday deals, lots of other electronics deals are on sale today.

    To get the deals: Click here and sign-in to a account (if you are not already signed-in. Then, you can see deals like these:

    Living Room Electronics Roku Premiere+ 4K and 1080p Streaming Media Player for $50. Normally $60. This Roku lets you stream 1080p and 4K TV shows, movies, and videos from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Other streaming media devices, such as Amazon's Fire TV Stick and Google's Chromecast, work similarly but only up to 1080p resolution (not 4K). Depending on your broadband carrier however, HD streaming services may soon cease to work well since net neutrality regulations will be eliminated, allowing Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T to block or throttle services they compete with (video explaining this, warning adult language), which is a huge loss for consumers and small businesses. Klipsch Dual 8" Floorstanding Speaker for $225 each. Normally bought in pairs. Normally $449 each. Toshiba 49" 1080p TV for $280. Similar TVs sell for about $350. Sonos Wireless Speaker with Alexa Voice Assistant in White or in Black for $175. Normally $195. Plus, other Sonos Wireless Speakers are on sale. Computers: Apple 21.5" iMac for $900. Normally $979. Apple MacBook Pro 13" Laptop in Silver or in Space Gray for $1150. Same deal at B&H Photo Video with no sales tax outside of NY and NJ, but Best Buy purchases can be returned to any Best Buy store. Normally about $1279. Has an Intel Core i5 2.3GHz CPU, 8GB memory, 128GB SSD, and weighs 4.9 pounds. Games: Assassin's Creed Origins for Playstation 4 or for Xbox One for $35. Normally sells for about $60. Kitchen: KitchenAid Professional 500 Series Mixer for $200. Sometimes can be found for $225, and rarely priced at $200. Available in Red, Black, and Silver. If you don't sign-in here, you may see higher prices.

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    Target is offering 25% off of many toys and games (except Lego) today. Free shipping, too!

    Lots of toys and games are on the list.

    Prices shown are before automatic 25% discount, so you will see a better price after an item has been placed in your cart.

    Board Games, which are rarely on sale, are on the list today. Deals include: 4-To-Score Oversized Game for $197.75. Normally $236. Poker Chip Sets several for $18-$34. These sets normally sell for $24-50. Gravity Maze Board Game for $16.50. Normally $22. Clue 1986 Retro Board Game for $15 The Voting Game for $15. Fun game for big kids (ages 17+) only. For 5+ players. Normally $25. The Chameleon Board Game for $13.50. Normally about $17. Scrabble Board Game for $13.50. Simon Classic Game for $12.51. Who's Most Likely To for $12. Fun game for the big kids (age 17+) only. Requires 4+ players. Popomatic Trouble for $11.25 Winning Moves No Stress Chess for $11.25 Coding Board Game: Robot Repair for $11.25 Apples to Apples Game for $10.86. Normally $29. Bananagrams Game for $7.50. Normally $10. Utter Nonsense Family Board Game for $14.06. Normally $20. Twister Game for $8.92. Qwixx Card Game for $7.50. Jenga Game for $6.60 Connect 4 Game for $6. Normally $8-13. Rummikub Board Game for $5.92. Normally $8. Qwixx Deluxe Fast Family Dice Game for $5.77. Normally $6.50. UNO Card Game Retro Edition or Regular Edition for $4.50 Again, the discounted prices show in the cart only.

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    Obihai OBi200 Voice-Over-IP Telephone Adapter for $35 when added to the cart with code EMCBBBH29?.

    Connects a home telephone (like a cordless phone) to voice-over-IP services. One such option is Google Voice, which is totally free to make and receive calls within the US and Canada. They provide a video guide to set up with free Google Voice.

    Note, 911 emergency service does not work with Google Voice numbers. So, our OBi is configured to route 911 calls through Anveo E911 which costs $18/yr. Setup is very easy through their site.

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    Sandisk is offering free shipping on memory products shown on this page when applying code BLACKNOVEMBER in the cart.

    Reading their page headline may seem like the code provides a discount. It does not. The prices shown are the prices you pay.

    Deals on the list include: Sandisk Pixtor/Extreme 32GB Secure Digital (SDXC) Memory Card for $14 with free shipping code BLACKNOVEMBER?. At $0.43 per GB, this is the best deal we have ever seen on a U3-speed card. Similar U3-speed cards sell for about $20 for a 32GB ($0.62/GB). U3 means a guaranteed transfer rate of 30 MBytes/sec, needed for 4K video recording and fast photo taking with SLR cameras. Here is an article and a video showing the benefits, especially less lag time between taking photos, with a U3 memory card. Sandisk Extreme 32GB MicroSD Memory Card for $13 with free shipping code BLACKNOVEMBER?. Normally $19. 3-Pack of Sandisk Cruzer Glide 32GB USB3.0 Flash Drives for $20 with free shipping code BLACKNOVEMBER?. Normally $12 each.

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    In addition to the Best Buy deals posted over the last couple days, here are more hot deals from Best Buy. Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for $10. Choice of black, blue, green, pink purple, and red. Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for $15. Available in black, blue, and red. Many early Black Friday deals have been on sale this week.

    A few more deals: 4-Device Universal Remote Control for $20. Compatible with Roku and AppleTV, as well as a TV, cable/satellite box, and a DVD/Blu-Ray player. On-Camera Shotgun Video Microphone for $24. TV Stand for TVs Up to 48" for $80. Free shipping.

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    Best Buy is having a hot one-day sale today. Here are a few deals from the list.

    Storage: Western Digital Easystore Portable 4TB USB Drive for $80. Normally over $100. Sandisk Cruzer Glide 128GB USB Flash Drive for $23. Lots of Logitech mice, keyboards, and headphones are on sale. Three deals that stand out the most with huge discounts: Logitech G600 MMO Gaming USB Mouse for $25. Normally $50. Has 12 thumb buttons. Logitech G403 Prodigy Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse for $40. Normally $90. Also the wired G403 model is on sale for $35 (normally $52). Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Optical Gaming Mouse for $75. Normally about $110. Has "wired" and "wireless" modes, and charges while in "wired" mode. Other hot Logitech deals from the list: Logitech Prodigy USB Optical Mouse for $20. Choose Black or White color. Normally at least $36, but Amazon just matched the same $20 price for Prime members. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Optical Gaming Mouse for $20. Normally $43. Logitech G502 Proteus Core Optical Gaming Mouse for $30. Normally $50. Logitech G703 Wireless Gaming Optical Mouse for $65. Normally $92. Logitech F310 Gamepad for PC for $15. Normally $20. Wired via 6-foot USB cord. Wireless keyboards for living room or conference room: Logitech K400 Wireless Mini Keyboard with Trackpad for $18. Normally about $25. Logitech K830 Bluetooth Wireless Backlit-Illuminated Keyboard with Trackpad for $40. Normally $60. Amazon just match the price. Many logitech products include a 2-year warranty.

    Also for tablets, a Logitech K480 Bluetooth Keyboard for Tablets for $20. Normally at least $25. Connects up to 3 Bluetooth devices, and weighs 1.81 ounces.

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    (expired: 1pm ET)

    An Amazon seller is offering the Amcrest 1080p Webcam in White and in Black for $68 with free shipping. Normally sells for $80-100.

    The sale expires at 1pm Eastern (12noon Central, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific).

    Similar webcams sell for over $100.

    We own two of the white versions of this camera, and love its features: Remote control pan/tilt, so we can look around the room through a web browser and smartphone. Remote speaker and microphone, so we can listen and talk to a pet while out of the room. The video quality is very good, even at night, which is great for nighttime surveillance. Can record video onto a MicroSD memory card (sold separately), or upload screenshots and video to an FTP server (requires some setup). Access the camera from anywhere with an Internet connection when configuring the home router to "port forward" a port to the camera's IP address. If you don't know how to do this, contact your Internet service provider. The security risk is minor if you use a long password of random characters, but learn about the risks of network security before allowing your cameras to be accessed by the Internet. If you don't feel comfortable opening a port on your home firewall, perhaps look at Netgear Arlo, Nest, or other devices which provide access through their own cloud systems (and could incur a monthly fee to do so). The software's menu-driven interface is built-in to the camera and accessible via web browser. It is a bit less intuitive than most other Internet/IP webcams, but works fine. Their documentation is poor and will take some time to figure out.

    This camera has both Ethernet (faster, more reliable connection) and Wifi.

    It comes with a 10-foot long power cord that is very thin and easy to hide in a cable runner.

    This camera is rarely on sale for under $80.

    If you're looking for a simpler surveillance solution, check out Arlo or another complete package from Costco, Sam's Club, Best Buy, and Amazon. Beware, those do have drawbacks such as monthly fees to control remotely, and may still require an expert (or skilled handy person) to install.

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    Google has been offering their YouTube TV service for a few months in select areas, and is now available in many cities across the US.

    With YouTube TV, you can: Watch unlimited live TV channels from a list of local and cable channels, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, MSNBC, USA Network, Telemundo, AMC, CBS Sports Network, E!, FXX, Nat Geo, AMC, and others. Free DVR. Works over the network (no equipment required). Gives the same pause, rewind, and fast forward expected from a DVR, but also gives the YouTube time slider to click, drag, and quickly jump to certain times in the show. Record unlimited shows with unlimited storage. Recordings automatically delete after 6-9 months. Watch TV at home, at work, at a friend's house, coffee shop, or anywhere with an Internet connection. Works on a laptop, tablet, or phone. Watch up to 3 TV streams at once. 5 friends and family can watch TV using your account at the same time. Works when traveling within the US, within a supported geographic area. Can control YouTube TV with your voice, using a Google Home. TV streams at 1080p, and will support 4K when channels upgrade their streams. Quality automatically degrades when Internet bandwidth slows. Works on your living room HDTV with compatible streaming capabilities: Works on TVs with Chromecast. Works on select Smart TVs that have the YouTube TV app. Works on Android systems like Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X. Works with AirPlay for Apple TV. YouTube TV price and free Chromecast: $35/mo No contract. Cancel anytime. 1 week free trial (billing starts after your first week). After your first month's payment, you can order a free Chromecast streaming media player that is compatible with any HDTV. Chromecast normally sells for $35. The downsides: Limited channel list. No CNN, Comedy Central, TBS, or MTV. NBC shows are available, but may be on-demand only (not live) in certain areas. On-demand means TV shows are available 1 day after they broadcast, for example, Saturday Night Live can be watched on Sunday. Requires the YouTube TV app, or a computer. Unlike cable which gives you a TV box and a remote control. Houseguests may not be able to change the channel on their own, unless you have a Google Home speaker. Live local sports may only sometimes be available. YouTube TV has limited live channels, and sports are not available to watch on-demand. So, if your favorite team broadcasts on a channel not included (Yankees play on YES, Red Sox on NESN, New York Rangers on MSG, etc.), you will need to keep cable or sign up for that team's stream (like, MLB.TV for baseball). The "YouTube TV" app is separate to the regular "YouTube" app, so it adds another app to your long list of apps. Does not yet work on Roku, but sounds like they're working on it. Probably will never work on Amazon devices, including the Fire TV, Echo Show, and Fire tablets. Google and Amazon do not play nice with each other. Can not keep recordings forever; they delete after 9 months. Quality is dependent on your Internet connection. At least 4 megabit required for 1080p, and 2 megabit for 720p. Cable providers could successfully lobby to eliminate net neutrality, preventing YouTube TV from working properly while using Internet from Comcast, Spectrum, AT&T, Verizon or other large cable company. It happened when Comcast throttled Netflix to hurt their business after taking their TV customers. Another benefit. Original YouTube Red shows seem to be available on YouTube TV, even without a YouTube Red subscription. YouTube Red is still a separate service that costs $10/mo and gives ad-free YouTube video and music watching/listening.

    For more information, check out

    Other competing TV streaming services are available, as shown in this Huffington Post article. Some of those services include: Playstation Vue "Core Plan" for $45/mo is better for sports watchers since it includes NFL RedZone, NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, and ESPNU. DirecTV Now for $35/mo includes more channels than YouTube TV. Hulu TV is $40/mo and also includes more live TV channels than YouTube TV. Also has enormous streaming device support, including Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Xbox 360/One. Sling TV is the cheapest option at $20-25/mo, but carries few local channels (no CBS, ABC, etc.).

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    $80 purchase price, and a $20 Prepaid Card mail-in rebate is available. Mail in the filled-out rebate form (tiny space to hand-write legibly) by December 27 with the cut-out UPC from the product box.

    This Cooler Master HAF-XB-II HTPC Case normally sells for at least $90, has sufficient cooling and space for high-end video cards, and its square design is meant to fit in a home theater cabinet.

    This is for PC hobbyists. Build the PC from parts: Micro-ATX motherboard, CPU, power supply, memory, and SSD.

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    Asus 23-inch LED-backlit LCD Computer Monitor for $100, and code MNTR1107 applies $10 off in the cart. Purchase price $90.

    Supports 1920x1080 resolution, and a 5ms response time.

    Reasons this is a hot deal: Has VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs for video. (Most monitors only have VGA and HDMI.) Has built-in speakers (two 1.5-watt stereo) and a 3.5mm input for audio. (Most monitors do not have speakers.) A 3-year warranty is included. (Most monitors include a 1-year warranty.) HDMI, VGA, and DVI cables may be included (according to some reviewers), but the product manual says those cables are optional in some packages. You may get cables included. The screen is an IPS panel, technology which normally comes in more expensive monitors. The monitor has mostly positive reviews. Included stand provides a +20 to -5 degree tilting radius (head tilts forward and backward). Most monitors priced under $100 include fixed stands that do not provide any adjustments. As like any monitor, you could replace the stand with a 100x100mm VESA compatible mount or arm. A $10 Prepaid Card mail-in rebate is available. However, according to our research, at least 50% of buyers will never see their $10 rebate. People will either realize they don't have time, or forget to mail-in the rebate documents within the 30 day timeframe. So, if you really will spend the time to send in the rebate to get $10 back or the $90 is enough reason to buy it, this is a great deal for a monitor that normally sells for $125.

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    Deals on the list include: The Chameleon Board Game for $10 with free shipping. Normally $21. Ages 14+. Safe Breaker Board Game for $12.50 with free shipping. Normally about $20 or so. Suspicion Board Game for $10 with free shipping. Normally $20. Ages 10+. Operation Escape Room Game for $15 with free shipping. Normally about $20. Ages 6+. Shark Bite Game for $11 with free shipping. Ages 4+. Amazon just matched Target's $11 price, and normally sells it for at least $15. Disney's Eye Found It Game for $10 with free shipping. Amazon just matched Target's $10 price, and normally sells it for about $16. Rummikub Board Game for $7.50. Ages 8+. We paid $10 for this game in July. Rollers Board Game for $10. Ages 8+. Googly Eyes Board Game for $9. Ages 7+. Min 4 players.

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    Toshiba 55-inch 1080p HDTV for $350. Insignia 55-inch 1080p HDTV for $350. The specs of both TVs are nearly identical, and are about the same size. The Insignia weighs 5 pounds more.

    Both TVs are not "smart", meaning they do not have built-in apps. You can buy a Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire Stick to watch streaming video services on the TV.

    Reviewers on like the picture quality on both TVs.

    Most other stores sell 55-inch TVs for at least $400.

    If you can spend more, Hisense 55-inch 4K 2160p TV for $400. Has built-in apps (Netflix, Pandora, YouTube) and double the pixels.

    If you want to go cheap, Walmart sells a Sceptre 55" 4K 2160p TV for $330. It has a lot of poor reviews, with people complaining about poor picture quality and damaged screens.

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    (expired: price raised to $300)

    Insignia 50-inch LED-backlit LCD 1080p HDTV for $280 today.

    Normally, a 50-inch TV sells for at least $350.

    1080p is being phased out on 50+ inch TVs, because manufacturers can sell 4K (2160p) screens at higher prices. 4K screens have more of a "wow" appeal when looking at the picture quality close-up, but most people do not watch TV close-up. There is a chart in Section 2 of a Cnet article that insists viewers would need to be 5-feet from a 50-inch screen to notice the difference between 1080p and 4K. Plus, most people do not have 4K video to play on their TV (most cable services provide 1080p video). So, if you're looking for a deal on a big screen TV today, this is a great price on a 50" TV with good reviews.

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    T-Mobile took an Asus TM-AC1900 802.11ac Dual-Band Wireless Router, slapped their logo on the front, used it, and now selling it. Price is $50 when you select "no credit check." Press "Add to Cart." The "My Cart" page immediately appears. Below the "Add phone" button is a Promo Code entry. Enter code ROUTER and press "Apply" Price is $40. Includes a 1-year warranty. Claims to provide both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi frequencies, capable of the faster speeds provided by 5GHz.

    Normally $60 for this refurbished/used model, or about $80 new.

    We purchased a similar "refurbished" Asus router a few years ago that died two weeks after its 30-day warranty expired. T-Mobile's deal does offer a 1-year warranty which is makes this a deal worth considering, plus the $40 price is about half what a new Dual-Band 802.11ac router would cost, but remember to factor your time and possible frustration if a used router were to die on you.

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