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    Google Home for $79 Google Home Mini for $29 Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player for $20 Chromecast Audio for $25 Chromecast Ultra 4K Streaming Media Player for $54 Google Home are voice-controlled speakers that can answer questions, play music, and control home-automation devices.

    The Mini has enough power for a small room (like a bedroom). The full Google Home is meant for larger spaces like a living room or kitchen.

    Chromecast can stream Internet video and music, and pairs well with Google Home.

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    Google Home Mini (voice operated speaker) for $30, and comes with a free $10 Best Buy eGift card. Normally $49 and without a free gift card.

    Google Home Mini uses your voice to answer questions, play music, control smart home devices (lights, thermostats), and watch things on TV using a Chromecast streaming media stick.

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    Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote for $25. Helps you get TV, movies, and music content in your living room without cable or satellite TV. Note, some streaming media services, such as NetFlix and Pandora, could stop working properly on some cable Internet services if Net Neutrality ends (expected later this year).

    Other Amazon Black Friday deals now available: Amazon Echo Dot for $30. The mini voice-operated speaker plays music, answers questions, and controls smart home devices. Available in black and white. Normally $50 each. Amazon Tap for $80. Normally $120+. Logitech Harmony Smart Control for $58. Normally about $80. Ninja Professional Blender for $63. Normally $82. iLife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $135.

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    Google Chromecast for $20 with in-store pickup (or add $6 for delivery). Includes $5 Vudu credit.

    Normally $35.

    Google Chromecast plays streaming music and video on your TV, and integrates with Google Home, Google Chrome, and YouTube. Using a Google Home speaker, you can say, "Hey, Google, play Star Trek on my TV." Use the YouTube app on your iPad, or Chrome on your laptop, to "cast" YouTube videos and YouTube TV to your home television. Note, some streaming media services, such as NetFlix, Pandora, Vudu, and YouTube, could be slowed or impeded by some Internet providers if Net Neutrality ends (expected around Christmas next month).

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    Google has been offering their YouTube TV service for a few months in select areas, and is now available in many cities across the US.

    With YouTube TV, you can: Watch unlimited live TV channels from a list of local and cable channels, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, MSNBC, USA Network, Telemundo, AMC, CBS Sports Network, E!, FXX, Nat Geo, AMC, and others. Free DVR. Works over the network (no equipment required). Gives the same pause, rewind, and fast forward expected from a DVR, but also gives the YouTube time slider to click, drag, and quickly jump to certain times in the show. Record unlimited shows with unlimited storage. Recordings automatically delete after 6-9 months. Watch TV at home, at work, at a friend's house, coffee shop, or anywhere with an Internet connection. Works on a laptop, tablet, or phone. Watch up to 3 TV streams at once. 5 friends and family can watch TV using your account at the same time. Works when traveling within the US, within a supported geographic area. Can control YouTube TV with your voice, using a Google Home. TV streams at 1080p, and will support 4K when channels upgrade their streams. Quality automatically degrades when Internet bandwidth slows. Works on your living room HDTV with compatible streaming capabilities: Works on TVs with Chromecast. Works on select Smart TVs that have the YouTube TV app. Works on Android systems like Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X. Works with AirPlay for Apple TV. YouTube TV price and free Chromecast: $35/mo No contract. Cancel anytime. 1 week free trial (billing starts after your first week). After your first month's payment, you can order a free Chromecast streaming media player that is compatible with any HDTV. Chromecast normally sells for $35. The downsides: Limited channel list. No CNN, Comedy Central, TBS, or MTV. NBC shows are available, but may be on-demand only (not live) in certain areas. On-demand means TV shows are available 1 day after they broadcast, for example, Saturday Night Live can be watched on Sunday. Requires the YouTube TV app, or a computer. Unlike cable which gives you a TV box and a remote control. Houseguests may not be able to change the channel on their own, unless you have a Google Home speaker. Live local sports may only sometimes be available. YouTube TV has limited live channels, and sports are not available to watch on-demand. So, if your favorite team broadcasts on a channel not included (Yankees play on YES, Red Sox on NESN, New York Rangers on MSG, etc.), you will need to keep cable or sign up for that team's stream (like, MLB.TV for baseball). The "YouTube TV" app is separate to the regular "YouTube" app, so it adds another app to your long list of apps. Does not yet work on Roku, but sounds like they're working on it. Probably will never work on Amazon devices, including the Fire TV, Echo Show, and Fire tablets. Google and Amazon do not play nice with each other. Can not keep recordings forever; they delete after 9 months. Quality is dependent on your Internet connection. At least 4 megabit required for 1080p, and 2 megabit for 720p. Cable providers could successfully lobby to eliminate net neutrality, preventing YouTube TV from working properly while using Internet from Comcast, Spectrum, AT&T, Verizon or other large cable company. It happened when Comcast throttled Netflix to hurt their business after taking their TV customers. Another benefit. Original YouTube Red shows seem to be available on YouTube TV, even without a YouTube Red subscription. YouTube Red is still a separate service that costs $10/mo and gives ad-free YouTube video and music watching/listening.

    For more information, check out

    Other competing TV streaming services are available, as shown in this Huffington Post article. Some of those services include: Playstation Vue "Core Plan" for $45/mo is better for sports watchers since it includes NFL RedZone, NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, and ESPNU. DirecTV Now for $35/mo includes more channels than YouTube TV. Hulu TV is $40/mo and also includes more live TV channels than YouTube TV. Also has enormous streaming device support, including Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Xbox 360/One. Sling TV is the cheapest option at $20-25/mo, but carries few local channels (no CBS, ABC, etc.).

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