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    Original Price: $13.99 After Coupon Price: $11.20 Use Code: K8U5XYM4 (20% Off) Fakespot Grade A - looks legit

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    I am not saying this is a deal or not so please don't thumbs down. But I am wondering is this legit? I've heard the saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is but just want to hear...

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    Rejected commerical for Philips Headphones:

    SHAWNA: Sorry officer, I couldn't hear your siren because I was wearing Philips Headphones. But in my defense, I was listening to police siren sounds on my headphones.

    OFFICER: Sounds legit.?[puts on Philips Headphones and walks into the forest]

    [Philips logo appears]

    ? Fidelio Headphones with Mic Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones Sound: Frequency response 6 - 40,000Hz 8 - 40,000Hz Impedance 16 Ohm 16 Ohm Sensitivity 105 dB 109 dB Maximum power input 200 mW 40 mW Distortion

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    Rating: 2 Posted By: KidCharliemain
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    Kohls Kamik Rocket2 Realtree camo snow bootsboys

    Kohls Kamik Rocket2 realtree camo girls

    Kohlshas the Kamik Rocket2 snow boots for small children in realtree camo on clearance for $17.09 original price $56.99 limited sizes (available in boys in sizes 10, 11, 12, 13, 2 and girls in sizes 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 at time of this posting).
    Only difference is that boys are a neutral color and girls are noticeably pink.


    With its waterproof, lightweight and flexible shell, these boys' Kamik winter boots are functionalinsnow.


    Waterproof 600 Denier nylon upper
    Removable 8mm Zylex liner
    Adjustable snow collar with Kamik's Easy Grab Lace Lock
    Glove-friendly adjustable midfoot hook & loop strap
    Reflective patch below pant line
    Flexible and lightweight rubber shell
    Kamik'sSNOWAVE rubber outsole
    Realtree camouflage print


    Nylon upper
    Fabric liner
    Rubber outsole


    Round toe
    Padded footbed
    9.5-in. shaft
    13.5-in. circumference

    For Kohlscardholders use code BEACH30 for additional 30% off and code JUNESHIP for free shipping, final price with tax for me was $12.71 shipped, this will vary for you based on tax rate but should definitely come in under $13 shipped.

    For non-cardholders you can use code SUN20 for 20% off but you'll get tagged for shipping (sorry). Still a bargain for solid kids snow boots from a legit brand, if your child is still small enough you can stock up for 2-3 years for under $50 (if you have a small girl you can really save major bucks on this deal)

    Sorry in advance if there are formatting errors and mis-linking, I'm posting from my iPad and it's not playing well with the site. If necessary just go to Kohls.comand search for KAMIK ROCKET2 REALTREE and you'll find them.

    Coupon codes expire 18 June, stock while supplies last. I wouldn't wait on these, as word gets around they'll disappear quickly.

    EDIT: for non-cardholders (paying with something other than a Kohls CC) code SUN20 takes off $3.42 per pair, bringing the price down to $13.77 each. Shipping is $8.95 until you order $75 worth of stuff, after that shipping is free. If you buy up to 5 pairs shipping will STAY at $8.95 (continental US) six pairs and after shipping will be free.

    Alternatively if you go into a Kohls B&M location, you should be able to order single pairs with the discount code from the in store kiosk and receive free shipping to your home.

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    awesome deal if legit site.. thoughts?

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    You're hang-gliding when you notice your phone's about to die. Suddenly, 23 bald eagles carrying an American flag fly right next to you. You want to take a photo so your social media followers will know you're legit. You drop your phone. Your tears fog up your goggles. LifeCHARGE.

    Capacity: 20,000mAh (polymer) Total Micro & iPhone Input: DC 5.0V-3000mAh Input 1 (Lightning Cable): 5V/1A Input 2 (Micro): 5v/2A Total Output: 5v/4.2A Output 1: 5v/2.1A Output 2: 5v/2.1A Output 3: 5v/2.1A Output 4: 5v/2.1A Size: 152*90*21mm Weight: 440g Charge Time: 7-8 hrs. (If charge via both Inputs- 3A)

    In the Box:

    LifeCHARGE ONT-PWR-37564 Jumbo Plus 20,000mAh 4 Output Power Bank Charging Cable

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