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    Star Trek: The Next Generation Complete Series Blu-ray (Region Free) $57.11 Shipped (From The Hut). Even though it looks like they are based in UK, it's free shipping to US.

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    List Price: $27.99Deal Price: $23.03You Save: $0.05 (0%)Banpresto Idolmaster Takane Memories Figure Expires Sep 8, 2017

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    I'm not saying that Channing Tatum couldn't play an excellent Sir Galahad. I'm not saying that Tom Cruise wouldn't be great at being a bridge keeper. I'm just saying that this movie is already as good as it gets, and maybe instead of making terrible star-studded sequels to already adequate films we should encourage movie studios to develop and produce actual original ideas. You know, like this movie was in 1975...

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    Looks like the free graphic novel deal has returned!

    Get these 3 free Star Trek comics...and you will get a follow up email for your pick of over 75 graphic novels. Actually the first comic is all you really need.

    Star Trek: Alien Spotlight - Borg Kindle & comiXology

    Star Trek: Countdown #1 Kindle & comiXology[/l

    Star Trek: TNG: Mirror Broken #0 Kindle & comiXology

    Email from Amazonhere:Thank you for purchasing recent order XXXXXXXXentitles you to a promotional credit which we have added to your account. This credit can be applied to your next qualifying purchase.
    Promotion details:
    Additional information on this offer can be foundhere.Thank you for yourAmazon.comgraphic novel purchase. You are qualified to select a FREE digital graphic novel from a selection of 75 popular Marvel titles, including "Civil War," "Amazing Spider-Man," "X-Men: Days of Future Past," and more on Kindle.

    You can view the selection of eligible graphic novels here:

    Just confirmed. I bought Infinity 1($17.50) for free ! This book is 632 pages and leads up to(or maybe includes part of) the next Avengers movie content with Thanos.

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