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    I am on a roll right now with Boxed flower deals. The Bouqs is a newer entrant in the space. What makes them different is they have a sourcing process that is pretty interesting. If you buy flowers from this retailer, I highly suggest you get the US-grown (California) flowers. I can pretty much assure that it is very hard to get California flowers in any retailer store for V-Day. We tend not to think too much about where our flowers comes from or are made, but here is an opportunity. I've had the opportunity to visit many of the growers in California who provide these flowers. It is a tough business especially considering the competition from the massive farms in Columbia, Ecuador, etc., but great to see a way to get the local flowers shipped.

    For this deal, the following components are used:

    -Free Shipping (when you create or use an account on the website during check-out)
    -Amex Deals $15 off $50 (must be added to card ahead). YMMV if you got this offer.
    -15% ebates cashback promo (limited time) Ebates is promoting the 20% coupon on top of the cashback.
    -Special V-Day arrangements that allow a 20% coupon to be used. You will find almost all other arrangements do not coupon qualify for 20%

    Bouqs approach to limiting deals is to maximize the allowed flower bundles that can be delivered on 2/14. Some of them are no longer available for 2/14 (especially pure rose ones). So, move quickly and have a few options that will work.

    So, go to ebates and select the Bouqs for the cashback trigger.

    When you get to the flower site, click the top V-Day 20% banner at the top. These are the ones that allow discounting beyond listed price. You can use one of various 20% codes listed on the ebates site to complete the purchase.

    Because I need to spend $50 after taxes, I am looking for arrangements that cost $60 (as I have to consider the 20% discount and taxes). It might be different for others.

    As I mentioned before, I highly recommend the California-grown ones. Yes, you get less flowers, but it will be much more unique than the standard Boxed flowers set.

    After adding to you cart and picking the delivery date (2/14 or later), click through until you can add your coupon code. After adding the 20% code, click to create an account to trigger the free shipping.

    Then, complete purchase and you are good to go.

    Here is one example on how it rolls out:

    Flower arrangement: $60
    20% coupon code: -$12 (ROMANCE20 VDAY20 EBATES20 AHL20)
    Delivery: FREE (supposedly overnight for California flowers as they will be cut on 2/13 and shipped that day)
    Tax: 4.32
    Total: 52.32

    Minus Amex Deal: -$15
    Minus 15% ebates: -$7.20

    Net cost: 30.12


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