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    Real sweaters are for suckers. They shrink in the wash. They itch your neck. They're hot and stuffy. They're bulky to pack. The can tear and snag on just about anything. T-shirts are far superior- you can trust me, because I sell T-shirts, so I know.

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    What is more precious than your feelings? What is more valuable than your devotion? NOTHING. So lock all that mushy stuff up in this safe (along with your more tangible valuables) and only give someone the combination when you know for sure that you can trust them. After all, if you don't guard your heart, who will? Exterior: 12.2" L x 7.9" W x 7.9" H Interior: 12.1" L x 5.9" x W x 7.8" H Door: 10.6" L x 6.3" W Weight: 11.7 lbs

    In the Box:

    (1) Stalwart 65-EN-20 Electronic Premium Digital Steel Safe

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     (4 weeks ago)       more like this Final Price: $14.99 Code: G6EWXA2T All three colors are available. Perfect gift for that lady in your life.

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    Ninjas may be efficient killing machines, but they make terrible chefs! Stealthy and proud warriors devolve into clumsy, all-thumbed cooks in the kitchen. Have you ever tried to chop a carrot quietly? It's nearly impossible. Now try doing it with a katana. A Ninja Blender is just better. Trust us.

    Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 15.5 inches, 9.2 pounds

    In the Box:

    (1) Ninja BL482 Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender (1) Set of Pro Extractor Blades (1) Large 32 oz. Tritan Nutri Ninja Cup with Sip & Seal Lid (1) Regular 24 oz. Tritan Nutri Ninja Cup with Sip & Seal Lid (1) Small 18 oz. Tritan Nutri Ninja Cup with Sip & Seal Lid


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